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How Far Can a Drone Fly With Controller?

How far can drones fly? One of the concerns of most drone players. How far the drone can fly from the controller while maintaining a viable signal is called the drone's range. The maximum range of the drone is attractive, and drone players are always eager to challenge the maximum range of the drone.

In the U.S., physical limitations on the range of recreational drones must give way to legal requirements, and the FAA mandates that recreational drones remain in the driver's line of sight at all times during flight.

While consumer drones have continued to improve the range of drones through continuous technological upgrades, most recreational drone players don't have much of a long-range requirement.

Drones can fly from 100 meters all the way up to 15 kilometers. It depends on the drone performance. Toy drones typically have a short range of about 20 to 100 yards, while mid- to high-end drones tend to have a higher range that can extend to several miles.

The Flight Distance Is Different From The Image Transmission Distance

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ drone for video downland

One thing to know for drone beginners. The flight distance is different from the image transmission distance. For drones, the image transmission distance refers to the straight-line distance coverage of the drone from the remote control signal. The flight distance refers to the maximum distance accumulated by the drone continuously flying in circles under the signal of the controller.

How Is The Flight Range Of The Drone Affected?

  • The type of terrain or airspace you are flying.
  • Weather conditions such as wind speed and direction and the presence of clouds.
  • The quality and power of the signal receiver.
  • drone image transmission system.
  • The type of battery your drone is installed or programmed to use.
  • Quality of materials used in drone production.
  • Whether the drone has extra carry.

The Importance Of Drone Transmission Systems

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone with 10KM 2.7K/30FPS Video TransmissionThe Drone Transmission System (DTS) is an important part of the drone. It uses certain technology to wirelessly transmit the video captured by the camera mounted on the drone to the remote rear (mobile phone or mobile device) in real time. A wireless electronic transmission system.

Major drone brands have different transmission systems, which can be introduced by third parties or developed by themselves. Common drone transmission technologies include OFDM technology, COFDM technology, WIFI technology, Lightbridge high-definition long-distance digital image transmission technology, and analog image transmission technology. The more successful ones are DJI's OcuSync technology and Autel Skylink technology.

Controller Range And Video Signal Range

Autel EVO Nano+ transmissionFor Autel consumer drones, the EVO Nano series operates in three transmission frequency bands: 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 5.2,GHz, with a maximum transmission distance of 10km. When one of the frequency bands is disconnected, the drone will automatically search for other frequency bands within the range to connect and continue to respond.

In the case of controllers that transmit signals on a single frequency band, the controllers typically operate in the 2.4GHz range and will travel farther than a live video feed operating in the 5.8GHz range. This means that the video source is lost long before the drone loses connection with the controller.

When the video source is lost, the image becomes stuttered until it disappears. But usually drones with built-in GPS will activate the return-to-home function to take your drone home.

What Happens After The Drone Flies Out Of Range?

  1. The drone will automatically return to home. This is a failsafe built into most GPS drones.
  2. The drone will stop and hover in mid-air. This gives you the opportunity to move yourself closer to the drone to receive controller signals again.
  3. The drone will randomly land anywhere. You may have a hard time finding it and finding it again.
  4. The drone crashed. This may happen on the way back, or there may be continued flight.

Can I Increase The Range Of My Drone?

If you have requirements for the drone to fly long distances, then increasing the range of the drone also becomes important.

Long-distance drones have requirements for drone firmware settings and drone performance. For example, when you install an antenna or range extender for your drone, make sure you can carry it.

Keep the flying area clear and try not to fly where there are obstacles.

The drone battery provides follow-up protection, and sufficient power is used for drone flight.

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