Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Camera Sales

Camera Sale: Autel EVO II Series Interchangeable Gimbal

Camera drones have become the type of drone that most drone enthusiasts must choose. The high-definition photography capabilities of camera drones have become a must-have factor for drones. The replaceability of drone lenses has stimulated drones. Enthusiasts to buy camera drones.

Camera Sales: Are Drone Lenses Removable?

Autel EVO II Drones

For most camera drones, the camera and drone are already assembled together, and the drone lens cannot be easily removed. Especially for beginners of drones, they are inexperienced and do not have a deep understanding of drones, so they cannot independently complete the task of disassembly and assembly. Also, many drones do not support disassembly, and the consequence of disassembly is to damage your drone.

For those who DIY quadcopter drones, they may want to keep trying different combinations of drone lenses and drone flight components to create higher-performance drones. Anyway, camera drones are still not recommended to easily remove the drone lens.

Camera Sales: Are There Interchangeable Camera Gimbal?

Autel EVO II Series Drone with Interchangeable Gimbal

certainly. Some drone manufacturers will launch the same series of drone camera gimbal interchange, which has resulted in the upgrade of drone cameras, and at the same time, there are single camera sales. Please be careful when disassembling the drone gimbal, do not miss any parts, otherwise it will affect your drone flight status and drone aerial photography.

Autel EVO II Series Gimbal Camera are Interchangeable

Autel EVO II Series

Autel Robotics' leading EVO II series of consumer drones has three models: Autel EVO II, Autel EVO II Pro, Autel EVO II Dual 640t, the camera heads of these three drones can be used interchangeably, resulting in different type of drone. Including 8k drones, 6k drones, and 8k dual camera drones.

Autel EVO II is currently not available for sale. Currently, the Autelpilot store supports the sale of 6k cameras, 8k cameras, EVO II Dual cameras, please contact customer support.

Camera Sales: Should I Buy The Entire Drone or The Camera Accessories?

It is true that many flying enthusiasts want to build their own drones, but they undoubtedly require full professional drone knowledge, and the assembly of drone accessories is not so easy. For the greater demand for drone cameras, consider purchasing a more advanced camera drone.

Autel Drone's most popular series of aerial photography drones are the EVO Nano series and the EVO Lite series. The EVO Nano series is a mini camera drone with a 1/1.28-inch sensor that supports 4k photography and 50MP photos. The EVO Lite series is the best partner for professional photographers. EVO Lite is the first to use a four-axis gimbal, which can shoot vertical drone images for easy dissemination on social media. The EVO Lite+ features a 1-inch camera that shoots 6k/30fps video and 20MP photos.

Drones with cameras are friendly to most drone pilots, no need to master much drone knowledge, smart drones are easy to operate, easy to drive, and at the same time, a large number of camera drones with different camera parameters can be found .

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