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What Are You Looking For In a Camera Drone?

Camera drones have become one of the hottest categories of drones, with more than 85% of drones with cameras on the drone market. The camera drone is suitable for a large number of people, has strong functionality, and has a fast update speed, constantly providing superior camera drones for the camera drone market.

What Kind Of Camera Drone Is The Best?

Camera drones are equipped with camera lenses of different resolutions, so that they have different aerial photography experiences. The aerial photography lenses of larger resolution drone cameras have higher-definition images. Among camera drones, there are 1080p camera drones, 2.7k camera drones, 4k camera drones, 6k camera drones, 8k camera drones.

Generally speaking, drone users tend to choose 4k camera drones, which is also a common use case for consumer camera drones. 4k camera drone means 3840*2160 resolution, the picture can be cropped without losing quality.

4k camera drone recommendation--Autel EVO Nano+

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ 4k camera Drone

249g Mini Camera Drone

Camera drones below 4k resolution tend to be toy drones like 1080p camera drones, 2.7k camera drones. These types of camera drones have low definition and are prone to too much noise, just for fun flying, or family entertainment.

And camera drones with higher than 4k resolution are often used for professional aerial photography or aerial photography services. This type of camera drone with high-definition camera can perform lossless zoom, zoom in on the details of the picture, shoot clear and high-quality pictures, and present wonderful drone aerial video.

6k camera drone recommendation--Autel EVO Lite+

Autel Robotics EVO Lite+ 6k camera Drone

40 minutes long battery life camera drone

Camera Drone Depends

Choose a good camera drone from the drone camera, if you have requirements for the drone camera. Please first look at these important factors that affect the imaging of drone camera lenses.

Sensor size of drone cameras

Photography-savvy drone buyers prioritize the sensor size of their drone cameras when choosing a camera drone. The larger the sensor size of a camera lens, the more light the camera lens can hold. The amount of light affects the brightness, color, sharpness, and saturation of the drone camera image.

The best camera drones use 1-inch sensors like DJI Air 2s, Autel EVO Lite+, Autel EVO II Pro.

Megapixels for drone cameras

Pixels do not determine quality. For drone newbies, perhaps the larger the drone camera pixel, the better the camera performance. Not so. The megapixels of drone cameras are certainly a reference, but when the sensor size is not large enough, megapixels do not show an advantage.

ISO range for drone cameras

The ISO of the drone camera is one of the elements that controls the exposure of the image and the sensor's acquisition of light and its sensitivity to light. The ISO range of the drone camera is usually adjustable. Raising the ISO can perform light compensation, while the high ISO increases The brightness of the picture is easy to cause visual distortion and noise at the same time.

Drone camera focal length range

Focal length refers to the distance from the center of the lens to the sharp image formed on the focal plane. Its size directly affects the size of the field of view, and the smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view.

Aperture size of drone cameras

The aperture size of the drone camera is also one of the factors that affect the exposure of the drone image. A good drone camera usually measures the lens aperture and the lens focal length together. The larger the lens aperture, the wider the lens focal length, and the higher the drone image quality.

Aperture is mainly expressed in F, which is measured by the ratio of lens F and clear aperture D. The smaller the F-number, the larger the aperture. High-quality camera drones can often also adjust the size of the aperture. Taking the EVO Lite Plus as an example, the adjustable aperture range of the drone is F/2.8-F/11.

Drone camera brand

The brand of the drone camera determines the imaging algorithm of the photosensitive element inside the drone. Most camera drones use drone lenses manufactured by mainstream camera brands such as Sony, Leica, and Nikon. And these drone camera lenses will obtain different drone images even under the same camera parameters.

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