Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
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Buying a drone? Don't miss out on Black Friday Discounts!

Drones are no longer just a small toy. Excellent camera lenses and flight performance bring people more experience. Whether you're buying a drone individually or as a group, Black Friday is definitely a great day when you'd better buy a drone.

Which Is The Best Consumer Drone?

When buying a consumer drone, drone users need to pay attention to the camera performance, flight performance and image transmission performance of the quadcopter. And services such as insurance and warranty should also be considered together. On the Autelpilot store, the EVO Nano+ is the best beginner drone to buy, and the EVO Lite+ is the standout camera drone among consumer drones.

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How To Find The Best 4K Drones Camera?

Autel EVO Lite Plus: 1-inch sensor Camera Drone

Which is the best drone for cheap?

In consumer drones, you can find the best consumer drones under $1000, and the EVO Nano+ is a suitable candidate. EVO Nano+ has a three-axis gimbal, 1/1.28-inch sensor, f/1.9 fixed aperture, shooting 4k/30fps high-definition video, the maximum static photo is 20MP, supports three-way obstacle avoidance, intelligent return and intelligent tracking, and the maximum flight time is 28 minutes. A cheap drone you can definitely buy.

Which is better for group purchasing drones?

Who is procuring drones for groups? Police departments are using corporate drones to do more surveillance and search and rescue. EVO II Pro Enterprise has a high-definition camera that can detect targets in time, and EVO II Dual 640t Enterprise has an 8k visible light camera and a thermal imager dual camera. The thermal imaging camera UAV can also perform clear imaging at night, and the thermal image in the picture-in-picture mode can provide professionals with good data support for easy decision-making.

True story: Walker Police Department acquires drones for high-stakes cases

Walker, Mich. – The Walker Police Department has a new drone team and is purchasing Autel drones to help keep its officers safe and better protect and serve the community.

Flying the Autel EVO II enterprise drone requires some training through the FAA certification process. Police drones won’t be doing routine surveillance of citizens, and drones with high-definition cameras can actually help police departments more.

Autel drones can be used to fight crime, drones with high-definition cameras can capture still images and video, and thermal imaging drones can pick up heat signatures of everything on the ground. Drones are being used in search and rescue missions, documenting crash sites and other high-risk situations where they don't want to jeopardize police safety.

Of course, the police department will not only purchase drones themselves, but also accept drones donated by social groups. Autel drones are trustworthy.

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