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Autel Mobile SDK V1.5 Description

Autel Mobile SDK V1.5 Description

Autel Robotics is a Sino-US joint venture. While continuously launching high-quality drones that satisfy the audience, it also opens up the SDK for drone users to strengthen close ties with customers.

The Autel drone family has consumer drones and enterprise drones, so the Autel Robotics SDK needs to determine the Mobile SDK model according to different drone models.

Here, we will describe Autel Mobile SDK V1.5.

Autel Mobile SDK V1.5 is a toolkit specially used for Autel EVO II V3 series UAVs. Autel Mobile SDK V1.5 claims to be Innovation. Perception.Intelligence.

What is Mobile SDK V1.5?

Autel Mobile SDK V1.5 mainly provides more drone hardware control interfaces and software service interfaces for Autel EVO II V3 drones, and provides detailed tutorials to improve development experience and efficiency.

Platforms supported by Mobile SDK V1.5

Since the Autel EVO II V3 drone is equipped with an Autel smart remote control, there is no need for a mobile phone App. Autel Smart Remote SE and Autel Smart Remote V3 are remote controllers with screen display, have large memory, and can support third-party APK. To access mobile SDK V1.5, you need to upgrade the firmware version of the smart remote to Android 11.0 .

Mobile SDK V1.5 Features

  • Autonomous flight control
  • Real-time feedback of flight data
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance
  • Real-time 360-degree control of camera and gimbal
  • Real-time transmission of video and images
  • View and download photos and videos
  • Support multiple intelligent tasks
  • Battery, remote control status acquisition and parameter setting

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