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Autel Mobile SDK V1 Description

Autel Mobile SDK V1 Description

As a drone production and manufacturing company, Autel Robotics has a number of drone patents and drone technologies. Its products include consumer-grade and professional-grade drones and related accessories, which continue to promote the progress of the drone industry.

Autel Robotics Open SDK illustrates the beautiful vision of Autel Robotics and developers to jointly build UAV interconnection. Here we will explain Autel Mobile SDK V1.

Autel Mobile SDK V1 is a toolkit specially designed for Autel EVO I & EVO II series drones. Autel Mobile SDK V1 claims to be born for exploration.

What is Mobile SDK V1?

Autel Mobile SDK V1 is mainly for Autel drone users to be able to customize your own mobile application to provide everything needed to operate a drone.

In the hands of drone professionals, opening the Autel Mobile SDK means letting your drone fly automatically, and allowing you to control the camera and gimbal, receive video, images and sensor data transmitted by the drone in real time, download media files, Perform various intelligent tasks and more.

Platforms supported by Mobile SDK V1

Just as drones need to be equipped with drone firmware to take off and land smoothly, remote control camera and video recording and other functions, the platforms supported by Mobile SDK V1 also need corresponding version support. Mobile SDK V1 currently needs to run on iOS 13 and Android 10 and above.

Mobile SDK V1 Features

  • autonomous flight control
  • Real-time feedback of flight data
  • autonomous obstacle avoidance
  • Real-time 360-degree control of camera and gimbal
  • Real-time transmission of video and images
  • View and download photos and videos
  • Support multiple intelligent tasks
  • Battery, remote control status acquisition and parameter setting

What is Autel UX SDK?

Autel UX SDK provides core UI interface and functional codes, allowing you to quickly create applications without adding additional codes.

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