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Autel Drone Flight Control APP

Autel Drone Flight Control APP Description

The drone flies or enters other states according to the remote control instructions. The drone control App software is the real operator that allows the drone to follow the remote control instructions to complete the action.

UAV drone flight control APP is usually an application that provides operators with flight control and monitoring of drones. The remote control and the drone transmit instructions via radio frequency, and the longer image transmission distance means that you can remotely operate the drone.

What functions does the drone flight control APP support?

In the drone flight control APP, you may see these functions: connection and calibration, flight parameter setting, map and path planning, flight mode selection, camera control, flight log recording, battery and flight status monitoring, flight limit reminder, etc. These functions can help users better control and manage the flight behavior of the drone to ensure flight safety and compliance.

Autel Enterprise App - drone flight control APP

Most drone remote controllers are divided into drone remote controllers with screens and drone remote controllers without screens. The remote controller without screen means that you have to use a mobile phone or tablet as a display. There is also a type of smart remote controller for drone remote controllers with screens, which is larger in size and memory and can support third-party application downloads.

When using smart remote controllers to download third-party applications, please pay attention to the applicability with the Autel drone brand.

What drone flight control apps are available for Autel drones?

Autel drone control apps vary with Autel drone series. Different Autel drone series have different drone software and drone control apps.

  • Autel Sky App -- for Autel EVO Nano & Lite series.
  • Autel Explorer App -- for Autel EVO I, EVO II series.
  • Autel Explorer V2 App -- for Autel EVO II V2 series.
  • Autel Enterprise App -- for Autel EVO MAX series, Autel Alpha, Autel Titan.
  • Autel Voyager App -- for Autel Dragonfish series.

Autel Sky App for EVO Nano&Lite Series

Autel Explorer App for EVO II Series

Download: Autel drone flight control app  

Can I use my phone as a drone controller?

Yes, when you purchase an EVO Nano/Lite series drone, you need a phone as a drone controller.

Is there an app that can control any drone?

There is currently no such drone remote control app.

What app do I need to fly my drone?

It depends on the brand and model of your drone.

Can you remotely control a drone?

Of course, but be careful not to exceed the image transmission distance of the drone when remotely controlling the drone.

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