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Autel Enterprise Application

Autel Enterprise Application Overview

The Autel Enterprise app is a special app for Autel EVO MAX 4T, which can support MAX 4T drone mission flight, photography recording, flight log recording, etc. With the new Autel Enterprise app, you can easily control your Autel EVO MAX 4T.

The Autel Enterprise App is built from the ground up for industrial applications and features a brand-new interface for simple, efficient operation. Additional features and semi-autonomous modes maximize the EVO Max 4T's mission capability.

Autel EVO MAX 4T is controlled with Autel Smart Controller V3, therefore, Autel Enterprise app is built into Autel Smart Controller V3.

Please note: Different drones have different compatible models of apps and remote controls. Although the Autel EVO II V3 series also uses the Autel Smart Controller V3 to remotely control the drone, the drone application used is the Autel Explorer App.

In the Autel Enterprise application, you can perform manual flight missions and automatic flight missions, a variety of camera modes, with flight guide and cloud synchronization functions. In performing mission planning, MAX 4T will also implement 3D Map Planning, Quick Mission, and Mission Reproduction.

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