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App For Drones--Autel Drone Users Must See

The drone is connected to the controller for the flight and image shooting of the drone. Using the remote controller to control the drone is a simple first step. Drone pilots can do more with the help of drone control applications.

Is There An App For Autel Drones?

An advanced and smart camera drone for sale. The best drones are steerable through a drone app that lets you fly effortlessly while capturing stunning images and footage.

What App Does The Autel Drone Use?

Autel Sky App for EVO Nano&Lite Series

Autel Explorer App for EVO II Series

Autel Drone is divided into consumer drones, enterprise drones and the Dragonfish series. The consumer drones EVO Nano & EVO Lite series use the Autel Sky APP, EVO I series and EVO II series use the Autel Explorer App, and the industry drone Dragonfish has a 7.9-inch large-screen ground control station, which uses the Autel Voyager application for advanced Mission planning.

Autel EVO Max series use the Autel Enterprise APP.(Updated on January 5, 2023)

What App Do I Download For My Drone Camera?

Autel Dones App is an exclusive application, must have apps for drone pilots, the usability of drone applications is obtained through tens of thousands of test data in the laboratory. To operate the Autel drone, you need to download the drone application according to the corresponding type of drone. The Autel drone app download is available for Apple users as well as Android users.

Do I Have To Use The Manufacturer's App To Fly My Drone?

For Autel drones, the unified software package will make more use of the drone's manipulation. Using a drone app from a non-drone manufacturer to control a drone can be dangerous and have serious consequences, and Autel drone manufacturers are entitled to say no to this.

Can I Download Other Drone Apps To Fly My Autel Drone?

I don't support you doing this. The Autel Dones App not only provides more setting options in drone flight and aerial photography, but also monitors the flight status of the drone. You can use the Autel Drone App to export flight logs, query and detect Autel Operation of the drone.

How To Download App For Autel Drones?

Autel Dones App supports downloading on the official website, as well as searching and downloading in major app stores. See more download introductions and drone application download for Autel Sky App:

autel sky app download

How Do I Connect My Autel Drone To My App?

Want to use the drone app with your drone? The first thing to determine is the drone model and the corresponding drone application. Taking the Autel EVO Nano+ as an example, what drone users need to download is the Autel Sky App. Then use the two ends of the USB cable to connect the Autel EVO Nano Plus aircraft and the Autel drone remote control respectively. Start the drone EVO Nano+ and the controller, click the mobile application Autel Sky App to run, agree to the relevant permission settings, and start flying your drone.

Is The Autel Drone App a Free Video App For Drone Videos?

The drone application carried by Autel drones is free of charge, and the Autel Sky App is more inclined to be a video player and editor software to help aerial photography. The Autel Explorer App enables video editing and more mission planning to control Autel aircraft for optimum performance.

Can My Drone App Connect To Third-Party Apps?

When it comes to third-party applications for drones, you have to think of the Pix4D application. Pix4D is a powerful drone 3D mapping tool. It provides programmable flight programs for Autel enterprise drones and then captures imaging data for advanced 2D and 3D output. Autel drones have partnered with Pix4D, and drone users can use the Pix4D app for free for the first year, and then pay a fee to the Pix4D app after expiration. For more details check out: Autel Drones & Pix4D Partnership - FREE Pix4Dreact with EVO II Rugged Bundles

How Does a Drone App Find No-Fly Zones?

Autel Drone was one of the first drone makers to not enforce a no-fly geofence, a no-fly zone operating limit that is unique to a given location. When the drone user is in the no-fly zone, a pop-up window will prompt the no fly zone area, and the pilot decides whether to take off or not. This is not the same as the mandatory order that DJI drones directly prohibit taking off.

Note: Due to the current misuse of drones and stricter regulation of commercial drones, Autel Drones has now introduced a no-fly zone - updated December 2023.

How To Shoot And Edit With The Drone App?

The Autel drone app is quite practical, and it can be used with drones to fly and shoot in the air. Autel Sky App can use rich themes and templates to make every video more exciting.

Here's What You Can Expect When You Download The New Autel Sky Drone App:

1. Elegant, easy-to-use interface.

2. Real-time, high-definition video transmission: supports resolutions up to 2.7K/1080p/720p.

3. Real-time flight status updates.

4. Professional camera settings: shutter speed, sensitivity, exposure compensation, etc.

5. One-click shooting modes: Rocket, Orbit, Flick, Fade.

6. Time-lapse photography: free time-lapse, surround time-lapse, etc.

7. Panoramic photos: horizontal, vertical, wide-angle, spherical.

8. Tracking mode: fast follow, smart follow, surround follow.

9. Powerful video editing functions: crop, speed adjustment, reverse playback, etc.

10. Beautiful video templates: Make movies with one click.

11. Abundant filters and stickers are available for editing.

12. The real-time flight log records the trajectory of the drone synchronously.

13. Automatic firmware update detection.

Source: Autel Sky App Tutorials | How To Connect Evo Nano&Lite Series To Autel Sky App

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