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Autel Training Courses for Dragonfish Series

Autel Training Courses for Dragonfish Series

Innovative educational outreach will enhance safety and understanding of drones and UAVs

June 29, 2022 - Autel Robotics revealed that it will arrange a professional training program for the drone Dragonfish Series, which will include product knowledge and technical support knowledge, as well as a walkthrough of the procedures that agents will use for customer service. This Autel Robotics Training Courses will promote the safe and proper use of its drones.

Training Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Students Learning to Use Devices
  • On-demand overview - to clarify any option questions or concerns
  • Basic flight maneuver training
  • Workflow required to solve student tasks

Operators who complete the course will earn Manufacturing Certified Operator (MCO) certification. The program is currently available to Autel's key stakeholders, such as sales and dealership employees, other Autel employees, and trainers who will train other employees.

Applicability of Autel Training Courses

Educate Autel Employees

The training of new members of Autel's customer service team has begun. This includes a four-course online training series, "Dragonfish Ground Training," followed by face-to-face training by certified instructors. At Autel, all Dragonfish pilots must first pass the ground training component to complete the instructor-led in-person training. After passing these two parts, the pilot will receive a manufacturer's certificate of operation, which is valid for two years.

Ground Operations Training

In this lesson, pilots will learn how to operate the Dragonfish safely and efficiently, increasing efficiency and reducing risk. Students learn to understand the hardware and software capabilities of drones, and they also begin to learn flight dynamics and tracking controls.

Sales Focused Training

These courses are still under development and review and will be aimed at Autel dealers and new Autel sales employees. An additional course will be offered for resellers planning to demonstrate Dragonfish on behalf of Autel, including training to effectively execute a sales presentation.

Engineering and Maintenance Training

In the future, Autel also hopes to offer courses to students to help them understand the internal mechanics of Dragonfish and help guide repairs or maintenance.

Members can access the program at

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