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Agricultural Drones Applied To Biological Control

Agricultural Drones Applied To Biological Control

With the continuous development of science and technology, drones are increasingly used in various fields. Among them, the use of drones for biological control is an emerging field. UAVs can use high-tech equipment and superior mobility to play an important role in the field of biological control. In this article, we discuss the advantages and applications of drones for biological control.

1. Advantages of drones in biological control

Efficiency: dronecan accurately complete flight tasks through remote control flight, avoiding many cumbersome steps in traditional prevention and control methods, and improving work efficiency.

High precision: Utilizing advanced navigation and positioning systems, dronecan achieve high-precision positioning and target locking, making biological control operations more accurate.

Safety: dronecan replace humans in high-altitude and high-risk operations in prevention and control operations, avoiding the risk of accidental injury to staff and improving operational safety.

Flexibility: dronehave good maneuverability and flexibility, can adapt to different terrains, complex environments and operational requirements, and have greater adaptability and flexibility.

Economy: Compared with traditional control methods, drones have lower manpower and material costs, and can better meet the economic requirements of biological control.

2. Application of drones in biological control

Crop spraying: Drones can spray biopesticides and organic fertilizers, helping farmers reduce the amount of chemical pesticides used while keeping crops healthy.

Insect monitoring: Drones are equipped with high-definition cameras and sensors, which can monitor pest populations and disease and pest conditions in farmland, as well as conduct quantitative assessments of crops and provide more accurate data and images.

Bird control: Drones can spray odors or sounds to scare away birds before they damage crops in fields.

Disease control: Drones can carry out disease control in areas such as forest areas, grasslands, and lakes, and spray biological agents to suppress the spread of diseases.

Planting: Drones can precisely plant trees and other vegetation to support ecological restoration and forest conservation.

In short, the application of drones in biological control is accurate, efficient and sustainable, which can effectively reduce the use of chemical substances in agricultural production, improve production efficiency, and protect the environment and ecosystem at the same time.

3. Autel’s agricultural drone plan

As one of the leading drone manufacturers, Autel Robotics has advanced drone technology and several drone patents. Autel Robotics currently has two series of consumer drones and enterprise drones. It is not yet known about the agricultural drone plan.

Autel is not currently announcing any agricultural drone plans. But our Autel Enterprise Drones can certainly provide farmers with some drone support as well.

Autel EVO II drone has a route planning function, you can set a flight path, and the drone will complete autonomous flight shooting tasks according to the established route, such as measuring the area of farmland, surveying farm conditions, driving away birds and so on.

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The Autel EVO II 640T drone also has a thermal imaging function, which makes the night imaging of the drone equally clear, and can quickly find and locate intruders on the farm at night, such as wild boars. Hunting wild boars with thermal imaging drones? Nice idea!

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