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Agricultural Drones Mapping

The Pros And Cons Of Agricultural Drones In Agriculture

As one of the technical means of intelligent agricultural production, agricultural drones have been used by a large number of farmers to provide themselves with accurate and effective monitoring information, and to quickly and efficiently grasp relevant information about farm crops.

As one of the expensive electronic devices, with the rapid development of related software, agricultural drones will account for an increasing proportion of intelligent agricultural production in the future. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of drones in agriculture.

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Technology changes frequently
legal restrictions

Advantages Of Using Drones In Agriculture

Easy To Use

Drones are easy to operate in agriculture. To execute the route planning function of the drone, you only need to make a route drawing selection on your mobile phone, easily deploy the drone and get the correct monitoring scene.

Spray Fertilizers And Pesticides

Loadable agricultural drones can spray chemical fertilizers on vegetation. Prevent chemical factors such as pesticides from directly contacting human skin or respiratory tract.

Mapping Farmland

Agriculture is a labor-intensive industry. Commercial drones can perform surveying and mapping functions well, helping farmers map farmland, survey land and measure land area.
The impact of drones in farm surveying and mapping: Can Autel EVO II Drone for Mapping of Agriculture?

Moisture Monitoring

Long-range drones save farmers from running back and forth between your different territories. Flying a drone can accurately detect the surface environment of the land below the area, dry or wet, to help farmers select suitable crops and make timely adjustments.

Prevent Wild Animal Invasion

The hum of drones is no longer a nuisance bad thing. Flying drones around fields can help repel animals or insects. Keeping away from animals or insects helps to ensure the yield of crops and improve the economic value of crops.

High-Quality Aerial Imaging

Camera-equipped drones excel at taking high-quality photos and videos, and Autel commercial drones can shoot 6k video, 8k video, as well as infrared thermal imaging. Autel EVO II Pro is equipped with a 6k camera, which can achieve 3x lossless zoom, and Autel EVO II Dual 640t can shoot 8k video and 640*512 infrared thermal imaging, which can achieve 4x lossless zoom.


Most drones have GPS systems to achieve global positioning. The error of this accuracy is usually within the confidential range, and drones with RTK modules can also achieve more accurate centimeter-level positioning. These photographic data will be used in some third-party applications. Create 3D maps and interactive 3D models under the hood to help drone pilots make accurate and powerful deployments.

Disadvantages Of Using Drones In Agriculture

Legal Restrictions

The National Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates the commercial and private use of any drone. All drones weighing between 0.25 pounds and 55 pounds must be authorized by the FAA. Also, to fly a commercial drone, you must pass a relevant exam to obtain a license.

There are obvious height and speed limits for drone pilots flying commercial drones and may not fly their drones over other people's heads, depending on state laws.

Flight Route Control

Flying drones, or quadcopters, must make way for manned aircraft to avoid airspace interference. At the same time, there are no-fly zones for drones in most areas of the United States, please check your local drone control.

Inexperienced In Drone Operation

For new users of drones, it is impossible to master the flight and photography of drones in a short time, let alone use drones for surveying and mapping. But advanced drones will save a lot of tedious steps. They usually have one-button response to tasks, intelligent planning of scenarios, and help drone novice users to better master drone functions.

Fear of Privacy Invasion

Drones aren't always in sight. When you fly a drone, other farmers worry about their privacy being threatened when they start using the drone. While this concern is not entirely unfounded, we should do our best to ensure that it does not bother others. This may attract some people to attack the drone.

Expensive Investment

Agricultural drones are expensive tools to assist farmers in growing crops. Standard agricultural drone prices average between $10,000 and $20,000. But for commercial drones for surveying and mapping, the price can be controlled at around $2,000-$3,000.

Severe Weather Effects

Severe weather can disrupt all flying objects, including drones or multi-rotors. Breeze speeds associated with heavy rain can intercept the drone's radio signals. Examples are tornadoes, hurricanes, dust storms and thunderstorms.

Vulnerable To Wildlife

Drones are at risk of being attacked by wildlife and are sometimes dangerous to the environment. Bird damage to drones is huge, avoid collisions or attacks, and try to keep your drone out of large wildlife habitats as much as possible.

Summary Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drones In Agriculture

Agricultural drones are an important necessity for modern agricultural intelligence. Drone equipment helps farmers visualize the vegetation of their fields. Driving agricultural drones has both advantages and disadvantages. Agricultural drones help farmers better identify farm conditions, detect the growth status of crops, and make better decisions, but at the same time, they are also faced with the development of drone technology. Regulatory control. Investing in agricultural drones in general improves the efficiency of the farmer's agricultural production and adds more possibilities.

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