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Drone Lost

What Should I do If my Drone Is Lost?

Flying a drone to explore the world is amazing and fun. However, there are too many factors that can affect and lose control of a drone in the air. What should I do if I lose my drone?

Understand the Possibility of Drone Lost

  • Fly away due to signal interference
  • Technical failures, such as battery, motor or signal disconnection issues
  • Weather conditions such as strong winds or thunderstorms
  • Pilot error, such as misjudging altitude or distance
  • bird strike or other collision

These are common factors that can get a drone lost in the air, and it is important to understand the risks associated with it before taking a drone on a flight.

Flying a drone

Solutions to Prevent Drones from Flying Lost

For signal interference, check if there are strong interference objects in your current area, such as buildings in cities or drone jammers.

  • For technical failures, do a pre-flight preparation test before flying to reduce the launch of drone accidents.
  • For weather effects, checking the weather before the flight in time is the performance of each driver being responsible for his drone.
  • For pilot error, passing the 107 test will give you more drone piloting knowledge, although a drone pilot license is not required to fly certain small drones.
  • For the impact of unexpected factors, such as bird strikes or other collisions, do not blindly pursue heights, always pay attention to your drone, keep the drone within your sight, buy a drone with an obstacle avoidance sensor, and reduce accidents Accidents happen.

Find your lost drone

Find your lost drone

If you have an Autel drone, you need to register for the Autel ID as soon as possible, which will record every flight for us. Engineers can also quickly determine the cause and location of the flight loss based on the flight log, and help users solve the problem.

Choosing a drone with GPS technology can help locate a lost drone. You can also install a tracker for your drone to better find the location of the lost drone.

Follow the flight path of the drone, see where the drone landed, and bring the drone home as much as possible.


Losing a drone can be a frustrating experience, but remember to stay calm and take the appropriate steps to try to get it back. In the future, make sure you take some precautions such as checking your equipment before flying, checking the weather, using a scene, or using a drone tracker to reduce the risk of losing your drone.

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