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Autel EVO Max 4T Drone

Autel EVO Max Series Payload FAQ

What payloads does the EVO MAX series support?

Camera: 4N, 4T

Other: RTK, Spotlight, Loudspeaker

The night flight light, also known as the strobe light, is integrated on the top of the EVO MAX series. It is no longer a replaceable load. Through the constantly flashing high-intensity strobe light, it can indicate the position of the aircraft at night and avoid air traffic accidents.

EVO MAX series load RTK modules, spotlights, and Loudspeaker are not yet on the market, and are expected to be completed in September this year.

EVO MAX series load RTK modules, spotlights, and Loudspeaker will be fixed on the top interface, and the Autel Enterprise App will prompt whether the installation is successful.

EVO MAX Series Accessories are now available for pre-order, updated on 2024.1.10.

Click  Autel Robotics EVO Max Series Speaker and Spotlight ComboAutel EVO Max Series RTK ModuleAutel EVO Max Series Payload Drop System.

Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T top view fold

Can the payloads be replaced?

Yes. Modular design enables payload replacement.

What sensors does the EVO Max 4T payload have?

Wide-angle camera, zoom camera, thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder.

What sensors does the EVO Max 4N payload have?

Wide Angle Camera, Starlight Camera, Thermal Imaging Camera and Laser Rangefinder.

Are the 4T cameras and 4N cameras of the EVO MAX series interchangeable?

Yes, the hardware devices of the EVO MAX series are basically the same, and the 4T camera and 4N camera can be interchanged. But you must install the corresponding firmware, and you must consult Autel support for operation, otherwise, the drone will not be able to start.

Are there other loads for the EVO MAX series?

Yes, it is expected that the EVO MAX series will also launch a dropper device, which Autel Robotics calls EVO Max Payload Drop System-H, for emergency rescue and item delivery, and the estimated time to market is to be determined.

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