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How Much Weight Can A Drone Carry?

Payload drones change the rules of the drone game. Improving the carrying capacity of drones will bring new strength to the logistics and transportation industry and police law enforcement departments. Here, we look at the various drones that can carry extra weight and exactly how much weight they can carry.

Factors affecting the carrying weight of drones

The carrying capacity of a drone is called its payload. The weight a drone can carry depends on its design and specifications. Different models of drones have different carrying capacities, ranging from a few hundred grams to tens of kilograms.

There are multiple factors involved in the question of how much weight a drone can carry. For example, the type of drone, the weight and take-off weight of the drone, the motor energy of the drone, etc.

Most small hobby drones usually have their maximum payload already reached when you buy them. Cameras, sensors, batteries and other components will all affect its lift. And commercial drones designed for delivery can carry more items and have the powerful components to do so.

How much weight can a hobby drone carry?

Most hobby drones are designed for this aerial photography hobby. The carrying capacity of hobby drones is very small. Tying items to the drone will greatly reduce the drone's lifting capacity and flight time, and will also increase the instability of the drone's flight.

Hobby drones are usually small drones, taking the DJI Air 2s as an example, which can carry the most weight, just over 300 grams.

How much weight can a toy drone carry?

Most toy drones fall into the micro drone and mini drone categories. They are small, lightweight, designed for children and have a short flight time of less than 10 minutes. Therefore, you won't be able to lift much.

How much weight can a cheap drone carry?

A cheap drone, like a toy drone, is just an aircraft. It is difficult to calculate the load transport capacity of this type of drone. You can try calculations to measure the payload capacity of drones under $100, which is one of the benefits of buying a cheap drone.

How much weight can a small drone carry?

We usually refer to small drones as drones that are less than 250g, and the load capacity of this type of drone is also quite weak. Such as DJI Mini3 Pro and Autel EVO Nano+. The 200g load capacity we can add to this type of drone is already the limit.

How much weight can a commercial drone carry?

Commercial drones can adapt to multiple scenarios and usually have powerful imaging capabilities, flight capabilities, and can add other payloads. Of course, there are also drones that can support drone delivery, carrying up to 50% more of the original weight as an additional payload.

Autel EVO II series commercial drones can support a load of 800g and maintain stable flight. The Autel Titan heavy-lift payload drone can support a payload of around 10kg (22 lbs).

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In what industries can heavy-duty commercial drones be used?

Commercial drones carrying heavy loads often center around drone delivery services, such as Amazon Prime Air for drone delivery.

Load-carrying drones are also used in agriculture, police law enforcement, and rescue missions. Commercial drones with large payload capabilities can be used to transport large quantities of useful materials, reducing the cost of using helicopters and reaching destinations more quickly and effectively.

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