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What Is A Tethered Drone?

What Is A Tethered Drone?

With the continuous development and advancement of drone technology, drones have become one of the high-tech means in many industries. The emergence of tethered drones provides new methods for the continuous work of drones in various industries and enhances the working life of drones. Tethered drone systems enable drone operators to remain airborne for hours at a time.

What is a tethered drone?

Tethered drone systems use a permanent physical link in the form of flexible wires or cables to provide power and communications to the drone (unmanned aerial vehicle). If the drone is bound to a tethering system, the drone must remain hovering in the air for a long time. Since fixed-wing UAVs cannot hover, tethered UAVs are commonly seen in multi-rotor UAVs.

What is the difference between a tethered drone and a regular drone?

Tethered drone systems are ideal for extended surveillance, security watch missions such as border control, event surveillance, perimeter surveillance. In comparison, traditional drones have greater mobility and greater range, allowing them to perform tasks that sensors cannot capture from a distance.

What is the maximum altitude for a tethered drone?

The tether system supports working heights up to 120 meters and can be customized to suit specific applications. The system can be powered by raw power (220V/15A) or a generator and provides power to the drone and its payload.

Why use a restraint drone?

Tethered drones can be used in applications where traditional drones pose a security risk, such as airports, military bases and other high-security areas. Tethered connections ensure the drone remains in a specific location, reducing the risk of collisions and other safety incidents.

Are tethered drones still drones?

Tethered flights are subject to the same basic operating regulations as all other drones and remotely piloted aircraft and, if necessary, the same authorization process, but the fact that the operation will be tethered can be used as an important mitigating factor when applying.

What are the disadvantages of tethered drones?

Reduce scope. One of the most important limitations of tethered drones is their limited range of movement. Drones can only fly within tether range, which may limit applications requiring long distance travel or extreme altitudes.

How does a tethered drone work?

Tethered drones are drones that are tethered to the ground. It consists of a base station on the ground and a drone connected to the station via a tether (cable). Drones can be operated remotely to perform specific tasks.

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