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How Much Weight Can The Autel EVO II Drone Carry?

How Much Weight Can The Autel EVO II Drone Carry?

Autel EVO II series, as the leading commercial drone of Autel Robotics, has been deeply used in security law enforcement, search and rescue, land surveying and mapping, power inspection and other industries.

When drones perform some special tasks, we inevitably have to consider the payload capacity of drones, and the weight-carrying capacity of drones will become one of the most important factors.

What kind of drone has carrying capacity?

The weight a drone can carry depends on its classification as a toy drone, mini drone, amateur drone, or professional drone. For some drones, the payload is 5 lbs (2.27 kg), up to 500 lbs (227 kg).

For drones with high load-bearing capacity, they can often be seen in search and rescue scenes. This type of drone is often used to transport living and medical supplies, drop them in the air, and provide survival guarantees for people in complex terrain or locations.

How much weight can the Autel EVO II drone carry?

Autel EVO II drones are now divided into V2 and V3 series. The size and volume of the two series of drones are not much different, and the weight remains the same. The weight of Autel EVO II series drones is about 1kg-1.5kg, so the drone has a certain carrying capacity!

Our weight-bearing capacity experiments with the Autel EVO II drone:

@autelpilot Autel EVO II Drone Pull Test #autelrobotics #autelevo2 #autelpilot ♬ original sound - Autelpilot

Factors Affecting drone Payloads

Due to the different types of drones, the load-bearing capacity of drones is also different. Professional drones will have better flight performance and design to deal with various situations!

Drone's own weight

Toy drones and mini drones are small in design and cannot carry too much weight. Professional commercial drones can carry a lot of weight. These drones are designed for mine surveying, search and rescue, and other difficult jobs. They are durable and bulky.

Battery weight

The payload of the drone includes everything the drone carries, and the battery provides sufficient power for the drone, which also means that the weight of the drone battery is relatively large. If your drone has a lot of batteries or the battery pack is heavy, it's even lighter to carry accessories.

Number and size of propellers

Professional drones include fixed-wing drones, quad-rotor drones, six-rotor drones, and even eight-rotor drones. Propellers create lift, but if they're too big, they get heavier. The number and size of a drone's propellers reduces its payload capacity.

Motor strength

The enhanced drone engine allows the drone to fly under full load without shaking. If you attach a heavy load to the drone, the cheap motors will start to vibrate and the drone will be unstable.

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