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Drone Remote ID - What Does It Mean For The Autel EVO Drone?

Drone Remote ID - What Does It Mean For The Autel EVO Drone?

There are pros and cons to drones. Overseeing the safety of drones in the air has become even more important. Governments around the world have created rules to allow drones to fly in legal and compliant environments. Remote ID technology, used to monitor airborne drones and identify who is flying them, is one of the regulatory technologies that governments are starting to use.

Autel Drones Remote ID Update Notes

Tracking# Model Updated
RID000000423 EVO Lite 8.11.2023
RID000000320 EVO Nano 6.30.2023
RID000000151 EVO Max 3.24.2023
RID000000048 Dragonfish Standard 11.15.2022
RID000000047 Dragonfish Pro 11.15.2022
RID000000046 Dragonfish Lite 11.15.2022
RID000000035 EVO Lite+ 10.12.2022
RID000000030 EVO II 10.6.2022

When the Remote ID of Autel MAX series drones is enabled, you will see the broadcast, and the Aircraft ID on the Remote ID page is your Remote ID SN.

Summary of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 89

  • All drones that need to be registered with the FAA require remote identification.
  • Remote ID will be broadcast locally via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, no network/internet transfer required!
  • There are three ways to comply: standard remote ID on the aircraft, remote ID broadcast module, or operation within an FAA pre-approved flight area.
  • The drone has to self-check, and if the remote ID doesn't work, it won't take off.
  • The rule expands the role that state and local law enforcement can play in regulating drone violations.

What is Drone Remote ID?

The Drone Remote Id is like a digital license plate that provides other parties with your drone's identification, location, altitude and take-off location information. However, Remote id does not share drone owner personal information with other parties. Only the FAA has the authority to identify drone owners.

Drone Remote ID Regulations

Before flying drones in the U.S., all drones were officially required to be remotely identified or remotely identified.

Date Regulations for Drone Remote ID

The official effective date for Remote ID is April 21, 2021. U.S.-operated drone makers will have to build drones with built-in standard long-range identification technology in September 2022.

Starting in September 2023, drone owners must have standard remote identification technology on their drones before they can fly in the United States. According to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, all drone owners cannot fly their drones without a remote ID.

Drone Remote ID Sharing Information

It provides the serial number for the specific flight of the drone, if the drone is within range of the remote ID broadcasting system, you can get certain elements and information about the specific flight like -

  • unique identifier
  • aircraft latitude and longitude
  • geometric height
  • speed
  • Control station latitude and longitude
  • Control station geometric height
  • a time stamp
  • emergency indication
  • Information does not press remote

Which Autel EVO Drones Have Remote ID?

At present, Autel EVO drone does not have a drone with remote ID. In the future, the Autel remote ID technology may be updated with the firmware upgrade technology of consumer drones, but you can fly your drone without a remote ID until September 2023.(Written on August 1, 2022)

Can I Fly Autel Drone Without Remote ID?

Until the FAA's long-range ID provisions go into effect, you can fly your drone as usual, subject to laws and regulations.

Do Drones Under 250g Need Remote ID?

In the US, if your drone weighs less than 0.55 lb (250 g), registration is not required. This also means that your drone doesn't need a remote ID. If your drone weighs between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds, it must be registered with the FAA. If it must be registered, it must also have a remote ID.

Autel consumer drone series, EVO Nano series do not require registration, EVO Nano and EVO Nano+ are less than 250g, EVO Lite series and EVO II series drones are limited.

Do I Need To Register My EVO Drone With Autel Robotics?

No, you do not need to register your Evo II aircraft with Autel Robotics. However, your local authority may require small drones to be registered with their owners, so make sure you follow all local regulations before your first flight.

When you fly an Autel drone, we strongly recommend that you create an account. to back up your flight logs to the cloud. Registering your aircraft can also help in the unfortunate case of a lost or stolen drone.

The Autel Sky APP downloaded for the Autel EVO Nano&Lite series, the Autel Explorer APP downloaded for the Autel EVO II series, and the drone application download registration account is free.

Final Thoughts

The drone industry is growing. Flying drones will be extended to more industries than just personal hobbies. Consumer drones are popular camera drones due to their good camera performance. Industrial drones are due to drone performance and availability. Carrying loads has become a commercial drone that has penetrated into many fields. They have entered the fields of firefighting, rescue, inspection, energy, mining, search, etc., helping to reduce complex work processes and loss of personnel and property.

To better achieve safer and more efficient flight. The FAA's rules and regulations are constantly adjusting and changing, and the drone Remote Id will help airspace stations identify drones and regulate the flight of drones.

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