Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022

Autel Drones & Pix4D Partnership - FREE Pix4Dreact with EVO II Rugged Bundles

Purchase Autel EVO II Rugged Bundle now and you’ll get free Pix4Dreact, a fast-mapping software made by Pix4D!

Autel Robotics + Pix4Dreact

Autel Robotics partnered with Pix4Dreact and announced a new bundle: The Autel EVO II Rugged Bundles will now include Pix4Dreact, Pix4D’s 2D fast-mapping software at no extra charge.

Autel Robotics partnered with Pix4Dreact

Now compatible with all Autel EVO II camera models for real color mapping, Pix4Dreact is specifically designed to provide quick and reliable situational awareness to first-responders while in the field.

These new bundles include the Autel EVO II drone (available with EVO II 8k, EVO II Pro 6k, or EVO II Dual camera options), a hard carrying case, one additional flight battery and a yearly license of Pix4Dreact. This collaborative effort between Autel Robotics and Pix4D combines one of the fastest “out of the box, into the air” drones on the market with Pix4D’s fast-mapping software for emergency response.

Pix4Dreact support All Autel Drone Models

Pix4Dreact compatible with all Autel EVO/ EVO II drones (8K, Pro and Dual), recommend models and resolutions

  • Autel EVO Drone 4000x300
  • Autel EVO II 7680x4320
  • Autel EVO II Pro 6k 4000x3000
  • Autel EVO II Dual 4000x3000
Pix4Dreact support EVO drone, EVO II, Pro and Dual

What is Pix4Dreact?

Pix4Dreact is a lightweight mapping software built by Swiss-based drone company Pix4D (they also have offices around the world, including a U.S. headquarters office in Denver).

Because it doesn’t rely on an internet connection or the cloud for processing, it can be used live, in the field, with nothing but a typical, mid-range computer.

Where the software lacks in robust features it makes up in speed — and that’s not a bad thing. In emergency or first-response situations, most drone pilots agree it’s better to have lightweight agile software that can quickly make maps, rather than have all the bells and whistles you might expect in other drone mapping software that photogrammetry professionals would use. In fact, Pix4D says that Pix4Dreact is designed to be intuitive and simple to use, even for people with little or no drone flight or photogrammetry experience.

What is Pix4Dreact?
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