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Anti-Jamming Frequency Hopping Drone Technology

Anti-Jamming Frequency Hopping Drone Technology

Anti-jamming frequency hopping drone technology is a drone digital image transmission technology with anti-jamming capability, which uses frequency hopping communication technology to deal with the influence of jamming signals. This type of drone can adaptively hop between different frequencies to send and receive wireless signals to resist the impact of jamming signals on communication and control.

For users, the quality of wireless image transmission is one of the core performances that determine the flight experience of drones. Excellent wireless image transmission technology has stable transmission, clear and smooth images, anti-interference, anti-occlusion, low delay, etc. characteristic. Factors that affect image transmission performance include: signal receiving sensitivity, antenna, occlusion, and electromagnetic interference.

DJI OcuSync 2.0 digital image transmission technology greatly improves the sensitivity of the drone's wireless image transmission, ensuring 1080P high-definition stable image transmission within a range of 10 kilometers. In terms of signal interference resistance, you can switch between the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands to avoid interference.

Autel Skuylink digital video transmission technology ensures the clarity and stability of video transmission, and can autonomously perceive wireless interference in the surrounding environment, detect and automatically switch to the best signal in the three frequency bands of 2.4GHz, 5.2Ghz and 5.8GHz good frequency band.

Autel Skuylink digital image transmission technology can also improve the transmission quality to 2.7k within a transmission range of 1 km. After exceeding 1 km, the transmission quality remains at 1080p@30fps, with a fairly stable and clear picture.

Autel Skylink EVO Lite+

Autel consumer drones EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series adopt Autel Skuylink technology, which can realize frequency hopping anti-jamming in 2.4GHz, 5.2Ghz and 5.8GHz three frequency bands, EVO II series adopt Autel Skuylink 2.0 technology, can realize , 5.8GHz and 900MHz tri-band to achieve frequency hopping anti-jamming, image transmission distance up to 15km.

autel evo ii pro v3 skylink 2.0

Although the underlying technology of DJI OcuSync 2.0 digital image transmission technology and Autel Skuylink 2.0 digital image transmission technology is Wifi technology, the frequency-hopping anti-jamming capability brings better flight safety to drones and adapts to changing interference environment, ensuring the reliability of communication and control.

It should be noted that although anti-jamming frequency-hopping drones have certain anti-jamming capabilities, they may still be affected by high-power or advanced drone jammers in some extreme cases. Therefore, in special requirements or highly sensitive missions, further measures may be required to improve the anti-jamming capability of UAS.

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