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Drone Detection Technology

Drone Detection Technology Maintains Airport Security

The drone threat near airports, the economic impact of drones on airports and airlines, drone policies and safety procedures all illustrate to us that the drone threat is serious and that we should actively look for solutions to mitigate the Risks associated with drones.

In this article, we explain drone detection technology for drone mitigation solutions.

What technologies are available to monitor drones?

Radio frequency (RF) technology: Radio frequency detection is centered on radio frequency (RF), listening and monitoring 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies, used for communication link transmission between the drone and the pilot (receiver) to determine the drone location and possibly determine the location of the drone & pilot position.

Limitations of RF: Always check the manufacturer's specifications, some specifications fail to disclose important data such as:

  • Short range detection limitations
  • line of sight restrictions
  • Not all drones can be detected

Radar technology: The technology used in radar detection is very similar to that used in aircraft object detection. The advantage of radar over RF is that it can detect all drones regardless of RF frequency transmission.

Radar Limitations: Just like RF, radar has some issues where manufacturers fail to disclose its limitations, such as:

  • short distance
  • High false alarm rate
  • A large number of units are needed
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