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Drone Propellers Explained:How Drone Propellers Work?

Drone Propellers Explained:How Drone Propellers Work?

The drone propeller is one of the essential and important drone accessories. It ensures whether the drone can come and go freely and fly safely. Autel drone has become one of the more and more popular gadgets.

Drone Aerial photography has become one of the reasons why many people buy. How to make a drone take off and take a good shot, you need to understand how the drone propeller works.

How Do Drone Propellers Work?

Autel Robotics EVO II Low-Noise Propeller

Drone propellers provide lift to the aircraft by spinning and creating airflow, which creates a pressure difference between the top and bottom surfaces of the propeller. This accelerates a large amount of air in one direction, providing lift that counteracts gravity.

A drone propeller functions like a wing and needs to use force from a motor to spin. The average speed at which the propellers spin is between 8000 rpm and 9000 rpm, depending on the size of your drone.

How To Distinguish Drones By Their Propellers?

Drones can be classified by the composition of the wings, what is a fixed-wing Drone, what is a multi-rotor Drone, as well as unmanned helicopters, umbrella-wing Drones, flapping-wing Drones and unmanned spaceships. More information can be viewed:
How Can We Differentiate Drones?

Autel Robotics drones store launch consumer drones and enterprise drones according to the use of drone buyers. Among fixed-wing drones, Dronefish series drones are widely used in thermal imaging, mapping, geology, agriculture and forestry, etc. application.

Common consumer multi-rotor drones are also known as quadcopters. Among the multi-rotor drones, the Autel EVO series drones are suitable for users of different drone budgets, with excellent flight performance and powerful cameras, making them one of DJI's biggest drone competitors.

What Are Propellers Made Of?

There are different types of materials for propellers, most of which are made of high quality soft nylon plastic. As a drone and artificial intelligence manufacturing enterprise, has launched a low-noise drone propeller with nylon +30% glass fiber. Compared with the original standard propeller of drone store, it has low resistance, high efficiency and low noise.

Autel Robotics EVO Lite Low-noise Propeller for Lite/ Lite+ Drones

Autel Robotics EVO II Low-Noise Propellers are only suitable for Autel Robotics EVO II series drones. Autel EVO Nano series and Autel EVO Lite series also have corresponding low-noise drone propellers, and drone propellers cannot be mixed.

Autel EVO II Propellers compare with EVO II Low noise propeller

In What Direction Is The Propeller Spinning?

The drone propeller rotates in the direction of the drone body, and the front and rear blades of the quadcopter move clockwise and counterclockwise. Drone wings in the same direction rotate in the opposite direction. The diagonal ones are rotated in the same direction. Generally speaking, quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters have propeller sets.

Finding The Best Multicopter Drones For Beginners

Drones with four propellers are the most popular. Also known as a quadcopter. Due to the cost and ease of operation of these drones, both professionals and beginners can use this drone.

Hexacopters are common among heavy drones, especially for agriculture.

Drones with eight propellers tend to be bulky and are often used for delivery services. For example, the Amazon drone delivery service launched this year uses drones as a means of transportation.

How To Protect The Propeller Safety?

- Replace poorly used or excessively worn drone propellers on a regular basis, preferably two to three months.
- Install the drone propeller protective cover to prevent the drone propeller from directly damaging the drone propeller blade when it is forced to stop due to external force during high-speed rotation.

Written at the end, drones must have propellers to fly. You need propellers that can ensure the drone operates as intended to enjoy the drone's capabilities. Choosing Autel Drone Store low-noise drone propellers will better help you experience the fun of drone flying.

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