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Autel Titan Heavy Lift drone

5 Best Heavy Lift Drones 2024

The high lifting capacity of heavy-duty quadcopters has important practical significance for many industries. Drones that can lift high payload items are very effective for short-distance transportation, especially in industries such as police law enforcement and search and rescue.

By the way, flying a heavy drone is no longer just for fun, you have to be an FAA certified Heavy Lift Drone Pilot.

Functions, features and application instructions of heavy-duty drones:

Heavy-duty drones typically feature powerful motors, large propellers, and sturdy frames to provide the necessary lift and stability to carry heavy loads. Therefore, the general appearance looks very large, and some drones do not support folding.

Heavy-duty drones are characterized by payload capacity (expressed in strong load capacity), long flight time, versatility, accuracy and stability, and cost-effectiveness.

Heavy-duty drones

Heavy-duty drone delivery provides a new method for last-mile delivery that is more affordable and efficient. Compared with helicopter delivery, delivery drones will significantly save costs.

Heavy-duty drones speed up the delivery efficiency of goods, packages, food, medical supplies and other matters. For example, heavy-duty drones make significant contributions to delivering emergency medicines and saving lives. Today, some retail giants such as Amazon are also using logistics drones for goods delivery.

Heavy-duty drones bring more convenience to people's lives.

Types of heavy drones

Heavy-duty drones tend to carry larger weight payloads, from 5kg to 220kg, and some drones are even capable of carrying additional payloads exceeding 50% of their original weight. The specifications of the heavy-duty drone are impressive.

We can divide drones into multi-rotor droneand vertical take-off and landing droneaccording to the type of wings. Multi-rotor drones, such as heavy-duty quadcopters, heavy-duty hexacopters and octocopters, are characterized by simple assembly and deployment, while vertical take-off and landing dronehave greater payload capacity and longer flight times .

Typically, the payload weight of a vertical take-off and landing drone is much greater than that of a multi-rotor drone.

Types of heavy drones

How do I buy a heavy-duty drone?

Before purchasing a heavy-duty drone, first determine whether you really need one. The cost of purchasing a heavy-duty drone, the length of future payback, and the features and capabilities the drone has are all factors you need to consider.

Of course, after you decide to buy a heavy-duty drone, you need to choose from many aspects such as the drone's performance, flight time, payload type, price, etc. At the same time, you should also pay attention to purchasing heavy-duty drones produced by regular brands through regular channels to serve you.

Here, a list of our recommendations for heavy-duty drones to buy.

Best 5 High Capacity Lift Drones

Freefly Systems ALTA drone

The Freefly Systems ALTA Drone is extremely reliable, easy to carry, rugged and can carry a 15-pound payload.

Freefly Systems ALTA heavy-duty payload drone can capture 4k video, can be set up in five minutes, is guided by stable SYNAPSE flight control, and has a control range of approximately 1 mile.

Feature description:

– Quick setup completed

– Optimized for payloads up to 15 pounds

– Choose sky view or ground view: camera securely mounted at top or bottom

– Ingenious SYNAPSE flight control system

– Item weight: 41.7 lbs.

Freefly Systems ALTA drone

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

DJI Matrice 600 Pro Heavy Lift Drones are loved by filmmakers. This hexacopter drone supports 1080p video, can add and replace up to 10 DJI gimbal systems, and can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph. Human-machine load capacity is up to 22 pounds.

Feature description:

• Perfect hovering accuracy with P-GPS system

• Pre-assembled arms and antennas reduce assembly time

• Modular design allows installation of additional camera modules

• Entire shipping weight up to 67 lbs.

• Requires 6 TB48S batteries, can hover for up to 18 minutes

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter

DJI Spreading Wings S900 is a powerful heavy-duty drone equipped with DJI's most advanced six motors. The carbon fiber arm reduces the weight of the drone itself, making it very lightweight and easy to operate.

Feature description:

Bundle comes with A2 flight controller and your choice of Z15 gimbal

Constructed from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber

Improved motor and power distribution system

• Retractable landing gear

• Item weight is 18 lbs.

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter

Versadrones Heavy Duty Octocopter

The Versadrones heavy-duty octocopter is impressive, with a payload capacity of 12kg, flying at around 44mph and a maximum altitude of 6500ft.

The Versadrones heavy-duty octocopter is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal with excellent smart flight features and a camera that can be customized for flying in adverse weather conditions.

Feature description:

• Detachable arms for easy storage and transportation

• Dual controllers for camera operator and pilot

• Stable 3-axis camera gimbal

• Supports GPS-assisted flight and automatically returns to base

• Lithium polymer flight battery

• Optional upgrades include:

1.FVP goggles

2. Complete waypoint function

3.Ipad control

4. Customized flight case

Versadrones Heavy Duty Octocopter

Autel Titan Heavy Lift drone

The Autel Titan heavy lift drone is Autel Robotics' first four-axis, eight-blade foldable heavy-duty drone with a load capacity of up to 10kg, an image transmission distance of up to 20km, and a flight time of up to 55 minutes.

The Autel Titan heavy lift drone is equipped with the multi-sensor camera Autel L35T, which can support wide-angle, zoom, dual thermal imaging, and laser rangefinders, and is suitable for police law enforcement, search and rescue and other industries.

Feature description:

22lbs (10kg) Max Payload

60 mins Max Flight Time

720°Obstacle Avoidance

640 x 512 Thermal Resolution

Autel Titan heavy lift drone

New Product Autel Titan

Autel Titan


10kg Maximum Payload
20km Image transmission
60 Minutes Flight Time

Frequently Asked Questions About High Payload Drones

What does heavy lift drone mean?

Heavy lift drone usually refers to a drone that can carry a load. This type of drone is usually large in size, has average image capture capabilities, and can provide long-term transportation.

How much weight can a drone carry?

Generally speaking, the payload of ordinary commercial drones does not exceed 2 pounds, and the payload of heavy-duty lift drones does not exceed 40 pounds.

How long can heavy lift drone fly?

For a standard consumer drone, flight time is around 25-27 minutes. If you buy a large quadcopter or heavy-duty drone, your flight time will mostly be cut in half, but you'll be able to get more done when it comes to transporting cargo or machinery.

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