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How Can We Differentiate Drones?

How Can We Differentiate Drones?

Drones have a long evolutionary history, gradually stripping away from the initial militarization role and used for shooting functions on consumer drones! So, in the face of drones, can we distinguish correctly?

We can classify drones by wing type. There are three types of drones, depending on the wing or flight mechanism:

  • Fixed-wing: Fixed-wing drones have a rigid wing. They look like planes. These types of drones have very good battery life because they only use one motor (or less than a multi-wing). They can fly at high altitudes. They can carry more weight because they can float in the air as wings.
  • Monocopter: A monocopter drone is like a helicopter. They're sturdy, and the propellers are designed in a way that helps with hovering and changing direction. Remember, a single-rotor drone can only hover vertically in the air. They are good for battery power because they consume less power than multirotors. The payload capacity of a single rotor is good. However, they are difficult to fly. Their wings or propellers can be dangerous if loose.
  • Multi-rotor: Multi-rotor drones are the most common of drones. They are classified according to the number of wings they have, such as tri-rotor (three propellers or rotors), quad-rotor (four rotors), hexa-rotor (six rotors), and octa-rotor (eight rotors). The most common multi-rotor aircraft are quad-rotors. The multi-rotor is easy to control. They excel at payload delivery. They can take off and land vertically almost anywhere. Flight is more stable than single rotor and fixed wing. One of the disadvantages of multi-rotors is power consumption. Since they have many motors, they consume a lot of electricity.

Autel is a leading manufacturer of drones, and its fixed-wing aircraft family is known for its Dronefish series, which are designed to be highly durable and capable of long-duration flight over long distances. Unique tilt-rotor design simplifies operation and maximizes performance and efficiency. Dragonfish also comes with 12x digital zoom and 240x total magnification, making it one of the most powerful drones in photography.

Autel Robotics EVO lite Drone Live Deck System

The Autel Dragonfish is a huge fixed-wing drone with a top speed of 108 kilometers per hour. This large drone is equipped with an 8MP camera for stunning aerial photos and videos. With a flight time of 120 minutes, it is one of the longest flying drones. It also has a 5km flight range, topping this list of the best fixed-wing drones.

In the multi-rotor drone series, the Autel EVO Drone, as a consumer-level UAV, is mainly based on quad-rotors. Autel EVO has EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, and EVO II series. drones have the advantages of powerful shooting function, long battery life, and long distance image transmission. drone have three-way obstacle avoidance function, even for beginners Just as friendly.

Autel Multi-rotor drones, EVO Nano & EVO Lite & EVO II

Autel drones have everything ready for you, whether you are a drone beginner or an experienced pilot, enjoy a high-quality range of drones here.