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Consumer UAV Drone vs Industrial UAV Drone

With the advancement and popularity of drone technology, drones are no longer just military drones, more consumer drones and corporate drones have emerged, and camera-equipped drones are playing to their strengths and characteristics!

According to the analysis of the statistical report on the import and export of drones, civilian type drones are still in the category of toy type drones in terms of type. More and more drone products have been transformed from unfathomable military equipment to handmade premium toys.

Autel UAV Drones

What is the difference between a consumer UAV drone and an industrial UAV drone?

I. The difference in equipment between a consumer UAV drone and an industrial UAV drone

The easiest way to differentiate between the two is to look at the equipment on board the drone. Generally speaking, the most commonly used equipment in consumer drones is a camera, camera and other filming equipment. There will be gimbal stabilisation as required.

Industrial grade drones are generally equipped with a variety of specialist inspection equipment, such as thermal infrared cameras, hyperspectral cameras, LIDAR, atmospheric detectors, etc., that depending on the needs of the industry. However, there are also a number of industrial grade drones that are also equipped with optical cameras, or even dual cameras to accomplish better applications. Therefore, it is not possible to completely distinguish between the two in terms of the equipment installed.

II. Consumer UAV drones and industrial UAV drones target different users

Consumer-grade drones are mostly aimed at ordinary consumers or aerial photography enthusiasts, emphasising the portability and ease of operation of the aircraft, and users are usually more sensitive to price. Industrial-grade drones are optimised for industry users, emphasising the completeness of the solution. Because most are customised, production volumes are generally small and prices are generally high.

III. Differences between consumer UAV drones and industrial UAV drones conditions of use

This is the biggest difference between the two, but is often overlooked by us. Similar to other consumer electronics products, the main role of consumer drones is to meet the entertainment needs of consumers. For this reason, consumer-grade professional drones are often used as flying cameras. They are used with as little difficulty as possible to get started and are used similarly to traditional model aircraft in terms of frequency and occasions.

Industrial-grade Enterprise drones are mainly used in the daily work of various industries as an efficient and convenient alternative to conventional tools. Therefore, the use environment is not only complex and varied, but also requires that the drone drones themselves have certain protective measures to reduce self-inflicted injuries and collateral damage caused by accidents.

In the case of power patrol drones, for example, they are required to have the longest flight times, the longest communication distances, sufficient reliability for repeated use over many years and months, as well as the need to cope with the various problems encountered when patrolling, and the hazard optimisation of UAV drones. These are all features that have evolved and been refined as enterprise drones have entered the professional world. This is also the biggest difference from consumer drones.

At this stage, UAV drone technology is still in a constant state of development. Various types of drones are blossoming, with a wide range of different qualities. Not only do we see "aerial drones" with open-source self-driving cars and toy shells, but we also see "industrial drones" consisting of commercial racks with specialist equipment.

IV. Autel consumer UAV drones and enterprise UAV drones differentiation

Autel consumer drones: Autel EVO Nano series, Autel EVO Lite series, Autel EVO II Pro.

Autel Enterprise Drones: Autel EVO II Dual 640T, Autel EVO II RTK series, Autel EVO II Enterprise series, Autel Dragonfish series.

As drone users, we still need to keep our eyes peeled and learn more about the subject before we get started in order to choose exactly what we need.