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Autel Sky App edit drone video

Autel Sky App: The Autel Consumer Drone Editing APP

How users who buy Autel Consumer drones can better take drone photos and videos, how to better process photos and videos in the later stage, what to do as a drone beginner, here, we will answer more.

The emergence of consumer drones has set off a new wave in the world of drone photography. Whether you record people, places, landscapes, or closed nature reserves and cities from high altitude, using special drone video editing software can Improve or simplify your drone flights and video captures.

Why edit our drone videos?

Quadcopter drones are increasingly used in industries such as real estate, construction, tourism, art galleries, comic conventions, and portrait photography. No matter what you use your drone for, editing the footage you get can boost your content and get more attention, especially on social media.

How to use Autel Sky App to edit drone video footage?

Autel Sky App is an App specially developed for Autel consumer drones EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series, which can be used for remote control of drones and video editing of drones.

Autel Sky App is able to add cinematic visual effects, drone beginners will learn how to edit footage step by step and improve your skills, one of the excellent drone video editing software.

In drone shooting, pilots can use Orbit, Fade Away, Rocket, and Flick that come with the software to enrich the shooting effect. Even beginners to drones can easily capture wide-angle shots, high-altitude views, time-lapse videos, and more with Autel consumer drones.

Select our drone footage in the camera roll, add some transitions, cut out the boring flying parts or speed up the whole process to make the video social media ready, add background music, text and set a cover, then the video is ready to export.

What else can the Autel Sky App be used for?

Autel Sky App is not just a drone video editing software, it is also useful for drone remote control.

Pilots can set up a novice mode in the Autel Sky App to facilitate driving, click one button to return, set the selfie mode, and start intelligent tracking and shooting of people, etc.

Make drone flying a breeze with the Autel Sky App. In the work of creating a movie drone video, it does not require a lot of effort, and it can easily and quickly generate wonderful videos in the template.

Autel Sky App Compatibility

Autel Sky App is a mobile app, of course Ipad can also be downloaded. The EVO Nano+ can shoot 4k video footage, and the latest generation of smartphones have enough memory and CPU to handle drone 4K footage. Therefore, the pilot can use the mobile phone to process the drone video.

Autel Sky App supports Android and Apple IOS downloads. Autel Sky App is a free software that allows users to create an account and will also record every flight log of the drone.

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