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Autel EVO II Pro 6K vs 8K Drone - Which EVO Is Right For You?

Autle EVO II Pro 6K vs 8K Drone - Which EVO Is Right For You?

Since the Autel EVO II released, many customer are confused with the EVO II Pro 6k and 8k drone. Why EVO II Pro 6k drone is expensive than 8k drone? Is not an 8k camera drone better? Which EVO should I buy?

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Autel EVO 2 vs Skydio 2 | Which drone should I buy?

Autel evo ii drone vs Skydio 2 drone

As we saw in our Autel Evo 2 vs Skydio 2comparison, the Skydio weighs less, but the Evo II has a foldable design, so for the Skydio you will need a case if you want to transport it more easily. As for the camera, the Evo 2 has an incredibly good and unique 8K capable drone. 1-8x digital zoom also is awesome. Come to the flight features, Autel Evo 2 have a longer flight time and farther extend the range also have more flight mode like Dynamic track and Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.

Autel EVO II Drone Three Cameras Difference

Autel EVO II Drone Three Cameras Difference

Main difference:

  1. Sensor: The EVO II 8K drone come with Sony IMX586 (1/2 inch CMOS), EVO II Pro featured Sony IMX383 (1 inch CMOS) while EVO II Dual have FLIR Boson & IMX586 (1/2 inch CMOS) dual sensor.
  2. Pixels: Compared to EVO II Pro camera which comes with 20 Megapixel while EVO II 8K drone featured 48 Megapixel. And EVO II dual have 48 Megapixel and a IR resolution at 640 x 512
  3. Video: EVO II records 8K video at 25fps or 6K video at 30fps while EVO II Pro records 5.5K video at 30 FPS. Excpet 8k camera feature, EVO II Dula camera takes infrared images at a resolution of 640 x 512 and records videos at 60FPS.
  4. Aperture: EVO II 8K Drone and EVO II Dual all have a fixed f1.8 aperture while EVO II Pro have a adjustable aperture within the range of f2.8-11.0.


  1. Zoom: Three cameras all have digital zoom 1 -8 x and 4 x lossless zoom
  2. 10-Big Log, Histogram, AF Support, HDR Support