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What's In The Box For EVO Drone?

What's in the box

EVO is a compact folding drone equipped with a 4k Ultra HD 60fps camera housed on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal with flight times up to 30 minutes and a range of 7km (4.3miles) using 2.4Ghz radio frequency. EVO is ready to fly out of the box with the included Remote Controller, One Battery, and a 32GB U3 MicroSD card.

Now, let's find out What's In The Box!

EVO's compact design allows for a small footprint when storing. we can deploy the arms by unfolding the top arms first and then the bottom arms, we will need to remove the protective plastic from the aircraft before our first flight.

Next, the remote controller engineered with the same compact design in housing a 3.3 inch LED screen, you can receive live video feed and critical flight data without the need a mobile device. Unfold the handgrips and lift up the mobile device holder, there are also two antennae to unfold, take care not to force or apply pressure when rotating.

Now the charger and AC power cord used to charge your aircraft's battery and remote controller, the power supply has a built-in USB port used for charging the remote controller and yes you can even charge your mobile device from

Here the small accessories include a pair of spare propellers, 2 on the go or OTG cable is used for Android devices, a micro USB OTG cable and a USB-C OTG cable, you will need to supply your own lightning cable if you're using an Apple device. we also have a USB to micro-USB cable used to connect from the charger to the remote controller.

Finally, we have a Quick Start Guide safety information and a packing list to download a digital version of the Evo user manual head over to the download sections of our website.

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