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How To Make Full Use of The Zoom Function of Autel MAX 4T Drone?

The zoom lens of the Autel MAX 4T drone is very powerful. For this drone technological innovation, drone photographers are looking for creative lenses and perspectives, and the public safety department uses it for inspections and search and rescue. We’ll explain here the power of the Autel MAX 4T drone zoom lens.

Autel MAX 4T Drone Zoom Lens for Photography

From a filmmaking perspective, a zoom lens is about being able to take advantage of the parallax caused by the compression that occurs between the foreground, middle ground, and background to create wonderful picture effects.

Create depth in zoom lenses

The lift-off and zoom capabilities of the drone are integrated into one, using different spatial heights and zoom factors to create wonderful views with different foreground, middle ground and background elements.

Camera movement

Enlarging the focal length will highlight details more, and reducing the focal length will achieve a wider-angle effect. Use a zoom lens while your drone is in motion and you'll get beautiful cinematic action.

Camera focus

The drone MAX 4T can focus manually or automatically. Autofocus allows the drone to find the focus on its own and maintain the stability of the picture. Manual focus further tests the drone photographer’s shooting ability and helps find the depth of field effect.

The longer the focal length of the camera on a drone, the more difficult it is to control the movement of the drone. Longer focal lengths increase vibration, judder, and instability of rocker motion.

Autel MAX 4T drone zoom lens for aerial inspections

Autel MAX 4T drone supports 10x optical zoom and 160x digital zoom. The zoom lens is equipped with a 1/2" CMOS Sensor and can take 48MP photos. The maximum image resolution can reach 8000×6000 and the maximum video resolution can reach 7680×4320.

The Autel MAX 4T drone has a three-axis gimbal stabilization, which keeps it relatively stable during flight. The 160x digital zoom is enough to observe a distance of several hundred meters, and has a good hiding effect, so you can detect abnormalities without getting close.

The powerful zoom capability of the Autel MAX 4T drone can be used by law enforcement departments, such as border patrols, illegal activities, and daily law enforcement.


The power of a zoom camera lies in fully observing distant details. Whether it is used for drone photography or drone law enforcement, the use of zoom camera drones is emerging, and the Autel MAX 4T is a modern commercial drone. The leader in cameras with zoom.

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