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How Can I Enhance My Real Estate Drone Photography?

Real estate drone photography has become popular and prominent, and beautiful and comprehensive drone photography of residential real estate will drive home and property sales. Pilots who want to make money with drone photography, are you ready?

Why should I use drone aerial photography?

Aerial photos can give buyers a better idea of a property's appearance, dimensions and surrounding area. Aerial photography is an important means of real estate marketing. The introduction of drones reduces the cost of aerial photos and preserves the complete appearance of building groups.

Powerful commercial drones with high-definition cameras can also detect house details and zoom in to see everything. Thermal imaging drones can also be used for building inspections to clearly show possible structural problems.

drone aerial photography

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Tips for Taking Great Real Estate Drone Photos

Drone photography is different from camera photography, and drone lenses are usually not changeable, replaceable or addable. Therefore, in order to capture high-quality drone images and videos, it is necessary to improve the level of drone photography and strengthen the practice of real estate photography skills.

Tip 1: Scene Layout

Planning the scene layout in advance is an important basis for shooting aerial photography. The close-up or long-range shots of drones will be affected by the landscape layout, and weakening or strengthening the lens language is an important step.

When shooting real estate photography for commercial residences, you can clean up the yard, arrange the lawn, the green belt of the community, the entrance and exit of the road, and the open parking lot and so on.

Tip 2: Plan Your Traffic

Show the public transportation mode near the building group, the location of the community, the surrounding shopping malls, school areas, etc.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Tip 3: Plan for weather and light

Generally speaking, the best time of day for drone photography is early morning or early evening. During these time periods, it can also accurately reflect the orientation of the house and the angle of light received. In the post-image editing of light and shadow, it will also make the image more expressive.

Tip 4: Camera mode setting

Usually, the camera mode of a photography drone has been adapted to many scenes and can accurately restore the pictures in the real scene.

Experienced commercial pilots will manually adjust the camera mode, change the white balance, reduce highlights and shadows, chromatic aberration, adjust saturation and exposure, and plan composition lights to achieve the maximum effect.

Don't forget to set RAW file format and increase photo resolution and color depth.

drone camera mode setting

Tip 5: Drone Accessories Kits Are Important

The power consumption of the drone is quite fast. You must ensure that your drone has enough working hours to ensure that you have enough photos and video selections. Prepare a drone accessories bag with extra drone and remote control batteries, SD cards, ND filters, UV filters, lens wipes and anything else you might need to clean or repair the unit.

If you have an Autel EVO II Pro V3 drone for real estate photography, the EVO II Fly More Kit will help you with everything.

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Tip 6: Diversify your shooting

Drone photography has more possibilities in the air. It is small in size and highly maneuverable. It can enter some areas that are difficult for humans to enter, and has always brought some thrilling shots. If pilots want to pursue different effects, they can practice more flying skills and shoot drone perspectives from various angles.

Tip 7: Enhance post-production photo effects

Professional photo post-processing is the most attractive and important step in real estate photography. Pilots can use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to learn to process drone aerial photography images to improve the beauty and expressiveness of the pictures.


To take truly stunning photos and manipulate them for maximum impact, you not only need a powerful HD photography drone, you also need to develop photography and photo manipulation skills. We look forward to more feedback and exchange of drone real estate photography imagery.

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