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How To Use The Mission Planner: Rectangular and Polygon Missions

Autonomous drones can fly and take pictures according to the set route planning. Autel EVO II drones need to be used in conjunction with the Autel Explorer App. Plan in the Autel Explorer App to see the rectangular and polygonal mission planners.

Using drone photogrammetry is a great way to take advantage of the autonomous capabilities of your drone, capturing a large number of images and uploading them to your preferred 3d mapping software.

Rectangular Missions Tutorial

Open Autel Explorer App, click on Misssion

In Misssion missions, waypoints, rectangles and polygons will be seen

If there are any saved missions, they will be shown in the Misssion history

Click on Rectangle Task Options

By default the item's location will be your phone's current gps location

You can also adjust the map yourself, or manually search and add locations

Create a project, which will form a roadmap

The blue line is the flight route, the drone will start from point S of the route and end at point E

The rectangular flight path can be zoomed in and zoomed out to adjust the shape

Drag a white point and click to select a new task area

Press and hold the curved arrow symbol to rotate the mission area

Press and hold the center point of the mission roadmap to move the position of the mission roadmap on the screen

Clicking on the line icon at the bottom will expand the route selection

They are height, GSD, Speed, front overlap, side overlap, gimbal spacing, return setting, Course Angle, double grid.

Each task can drag the slider on the right to adjust the range

In the upper right corner of the main screen, there are estimated duration, range, and number of captured pictures

After adjusting everything, you can name and save the task

You will be able to see it in our mission history

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Polygon Missions Tutorial

Find Polygon Missions in Missions and click to create a project

Polygon Missions will start with a square by default

When we adjust the flight path, we can also adjust the shape of the flight

Like the rectangular mission planner, it has extended route options: height, GSD, Speed, front overlap, side overlap, gimbal spacing, return setting, Course Angle, double grid.

But the crosshatch option is not available.

There are some plus signs in the polygonal mission planner's roadmap display

Click on the + sign to turn the blue dot means you can drag this point to change the shape of the entire polygon task

Click on the camera view in the upper left corner to access all camera settings

Make sure the correct size, and exposure mode

After the flight route is determined, please check the pre-flight preparation before starting the flight

The different components of the aircraft and their status are green, then click the flight button

It will then upload the mission and start taking off

When the EVO II drone is flying a mission, we have 2 buttons: Pause and Cancel

Click Pause to continue again

Tap Cancel Mission to choose to hover in the air or return home.

Check out the Rectangular and Polygon Missions video tutorial below

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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