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How To Update EVO Drone Firmware Over-the-air?

Video:EVO Drone Firmware Update Over-the-air

How To Perform Firmware Update For EVO Drone

Updating firmware is easier than ever with EVO Drone. There are two ways to update your Evo's firmware, next we will cover over-the-air firmware updates, you can also update the firmware manually, we will cover this method in another video.

Over-the-air firmware updates for EVO drone

To get started, we will need to power on the remote controller and aircraft.

Then connect your device to the remote controller and open the Autel Explorer app. Your device will need to receive cellular data or have a connection to Wi-Fi. Message and data rates may apply. Once you're connected, Evo will perform a self-check to confirm what firmware version is currently installed. If your EVO drone needs a firmware update a notification will appear after 60 seconds, keep in mind your EVO will never force you to update this means if you're out in the field and receive a prompt that a new firmware is available you can wait until you get home. The firmware update process can take up to 25 minutes, to continue press upgrade now from the firmware screen we can see the release notes and some instructions.

Note: Your aircraft and remote controller need to have at least 25% battery level and your microSD card will need to be inserted into the EVO drone.

Go ahead and press download, your mobile device will now download the firmware package to your device. Once the firmware package is downloaded to your device we will need to upload it to the aircraft.

Choose start uploading, Now that we have successfully uploaded the firmware package to Evo it, will automatically start to upgrade the firmware. Again DO NOT turn off the aircraft or remote controller during the update. During the update process, your Evo go through a series of beeps and chimes and the gimbal will go through a self-test. If we encounter a failed update a list will appear indicating which component failed power down the RC and aircraft and start the process over.

Now that we have successfully updated the firmware we will now need to power down the remote controller and aircraft.

To update an additional EVO battery install the additional battery and start this process over again. Remember you will need to wait 60 seconds for the firmware notification to appear, To check your firmware version, head to the general tab in the settings menu.

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