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How To Check The Flight Log Of Autel Drones?

What every drone pilot should know about the importance of flight logs, how to check and download your flight logs, and understand how flight logs work.

This article will introduce how to view the flight log in the Autel Explorer App:

Before viewing your flight log, make sure you have the latest version of the Autel Explorer App.

Open the Autel Explorer App, find the personal menu bar in the upper right corner, find the log view column, and click to enter

If you are not logged in, please follow the system prompts to log in.

After landing, the system will automatically synchronize the previous flight data.

Autelroobotics declares that it will not authorize the storage of any information while synchronizing the information.

In the mobile flight log viewer we can see a list of all our flights.

Record each specific flight, such as distance traveled, flight time, our maximum altitude, stored photos and videos, and thumbnail images captured by drones.

When looking at the star icon to the left of the flight log, you can also get our total flight time, total distance and total number of flights. At the same time, the total number of different device flights is also detected.

In the flight log, if you have logged into your account on other devices, the data will also be recorded. You can synchronize or delete this, but you must have the database permission to operate, please remember your password.

In the flight log, we can also select a specific flight and click to view the flight record. Record our flight trajectory in the form of animation, click play to view, you can also pull the progress bar of the video to speed up the speed, and you can also change the map perspective to view.


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