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Want Good Drone of Aerial Photography? Learn to fly First!

Countless drone enthusiasts start to prepare wonderful aerial images after having a fun flying experience. We know that aerial views provide a unique perspective on landscapes and cities. How to get stunning drone images, it seems a little difficult.

Don't worry, let me tell you more about Autel drone flight photography advice for beginners.

A good camera isn't all it takes to take good pictures. Anyone who owns a drone knows that getting good results is harder than it looks.

With the popularity of drones, the image quality of drones has been greatly improved. At present, drones with cameras can generally achieve 4k resolution. Most of the popular drones have also added additional film-effect shooting modes that will bring us even more freshness.

Expensive drones aren't everything. For example, the well-known DJI Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom 4 series, as ordinary drone consumers, it would be better for us to spend some time learning flying skills and photography skills.

Creating a gorgeous aerial image often takes a lot of time and effort, and attention to flight safety. Please practice flying the drone before shooting.

Try Low Altitude Shots

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone Flying

When you're out with your camera drone for the first time, you'll probably want to fly as high as you can to take pictures. I agree that seeing the world from a distance is exciting, but not just that. An interesting technique that drone photographers do is take control of the reins of the drone and fly at a much lower altitude.

One advantage of flying low is that you end up capturing longer shadows and leading lines, and you can still use the sky as a backdrop.

When flying at low altitudes, be aware that you may get closer to obstacles than usual. There is a higher chance of a crash if you lose altitude or the drone drifts. Before you start shooting, you may want to do some ground flying practice near the ground. If you feel like you're going to be too focused on the composition, it's a good idea to have a visual observer by your side to keep your drone from crashing.

Drone Shooting Away from People

Autel Robotics EVO Lite 6k camera Drone

If you're photographing people, it's worth noting that Part 107 rules prohibit drones from flying over people not directly involved in drone operations. This includes people who may have agreed to photograph them. The same provision also prohibits drones from flying over moving vehicles for safety reasons. If you plan to take photos of people and moving vehicles, it's best to do so from a safe distance.

Subject Tracking for Drones

Yes. Quite a few drones are already equipped with subject tracking. Autel Dynamic Track 2.1 allows us to free our hands freely, and the drone will lock the center of the picture and follow the shooting, amazing existence!

Understanding Attitude Modes for Autel Drones

Sometimes the drone may lose the GPS signal and the quadcopter will automatically switch to attitude mode. It can be very worrying and disturbing when the ground station announces an error and sounds a warning!

If the drone is flying in high wind conditions, the vehicle cannot maintain its position and will begin to drift with the wind. Being able to quickly adapt to these conditions will avoid collisions and possible flyaways.

In Attitude Mode, the drone will remain stable and accurately lock the flight altitude. Some drones may generate more power output and speed in attitude mode, so this performance advantage can be used when needed.

Mountains, hills, and tall buildings can weaken the signal when the drone is looking for satellites on the horizon, so knowing how to fly in ATTI mode will allow you to still fly the drone without the help of GPS.

Don't Fly Aimlessly

Drones in the air have no traffic light restrictions, and when I first bought an Autel EVO drone, I was so excited to shoot from this new perspective, flying around like a madman. up and down. Left and right. Drones are everywhere.

After the initial excitement subsides, getting a good image is more than that, wanting to get more of the key elements. Slow down and focus on what makes a good photo.

Pay Close Attention to The Wind

Autel Robotics EVO Drone Flying in The Wind

The downside of using a drone for nature photography is that the weather is everything. Strong winds may stop your plans before you start. Autel drones have improved a lot over the past few years, and even the 249g Nano series drones are more stable in the wind than before with the accompanying firmware upgrade. I'm actually surprised that they have this feature.

However, wind is not a factor you should take lightly. I highly recommend doing the following before taking off:

Bring the drone to an altitude of just a few meters and let it hover for 10-15 seconds. Hovering the drone is also a great way to test the drone's flight performance. See how the drone responds? If it's already struggling, it's not a good time to fly.

Raise the Autel drone a few more meters and fly it 10-15 meters in any direction. Now stop and fly back. If it comes back much slower, you're dealing with a potentially problematic headwind.

If both tests go well, you're ready to fly. Remember that winds tend to be stronger at higher altitudes. So if you are not sure, please try again later.

Understand the Limitations of Drones

Please be wary of your drone, you never want to be one of those photographers who lose a drone or become news, but it's easy to do.

The endurance of the drone is very important, you have to know how much battery power the drone needs to fly home, otherwise who will know where your drone is going to land?

Luckily, Autel takes this into consideration, and whether you're connecting a phone or a remote with a display, our drone will tell you in time when the battery is low, and you still have time to prepare for her to land in a safe place.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Battery for EVO Nano/EVO Nano+ Drone Red

Buying Drone Backup Batteries

Good drones tend to fly for about half an hour, like the Autel Nano, but the EVO Lite series can last longer, about 40 minutes. Plan your shoot, I'm always ready to keep shooting with spare batteries, and Autel drone accessories are always so sweet. Let's keep flying.

In Conclusion

Using Autel drones to shoot novel aerial perspective images really brings a lot of fun, not just limited to expensive drones, cheap drones can ensure image quality while learning good flying skills and photography skills at the same time Get good photos.

Also: have a good time. Fly safely!

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