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Evo 2 Firmware Update V2.7.25 New Features

EVO II V1 and V2 firmware are not compatible. 

Firmware Version Table and Release Notes

This firmware package V2.7.25 (EVO II V1) and V2.1.31 (EVO II V2) contain the following component updates:

Flight Control V0.0.4.57 V0.0.4.58
Camera V0.2.32.32 V0.2.32.77
Remote Controller V2.0.4.12 V4.0.0.11
RC Panel V3.0.13.0 V4.0.3.9
Image Transmission V1.1.1.47 V2.0.1.24
RC Image Transmission V1.1.1.47 V2.0.1.24
Battery V0.0.15.0 V0.0.16.0
Vision Module V0.2.32.32 V0.2.32.77
Sonar V1.2.1.25 V4.0.0.1
ESC1-4 V1.0.3.6 V1.0.3.6

Release Notes:

New Features:
- Added Panorama intelligent flight– Landscape, Portrait, Wide-angle (with photo stitching capability), and Sphere (w/o photo stitching capability)
- Added NTRIP Network RTK support on EVO II RTK series
- Added FLIR Boson 640 Radiometric sensor support
- Added customizable Home Point option
- Added A/B button flight speed change option (Standard <-> Ludicrous)
- Added EVO II V2 support on V2.1.31

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
- Optimized No-Fly zone notifications
- Smoother gimbal pitch start and stop adjustment
- Increased the gimbal pitch sensitivity to support super slow movement.
- Standardized the GPS coordinate system (WGS84)

Notes: To support all the new features, please upgrade the Autel Explorer app to iOS V1.10.11, Android V1.1.7.81 or newer.

Download the firmware package for manual updates, or update firmware via the Autel Explorer app. Click here for video instructions on how to update firmware over the air.

  • EVO II V1: V2.7.25

    BIN download logo

    EVO II V1: V2.7.25 Jul-01-2021

  • EVO II V2: V2.1.31

    ZIP download logo

    EVO II V2: V2.1.31 Jul-11-2021

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