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Drone Camera Manual Focus vs Auto Focus | Drone Photography Guide

High-quality drone images are inseparable from high-performance camera sensors. At the same time, proficiency in drone camera settings and shooting skills is also an important aspect. here. We will explain the imaging differences brought about by manual focus vs autofocus on drone cameras.

Focusing Instructions for Drone Cameras

When the focus of the lens is on the subject, the picture is clear, but if the focus is not on the subject, it may be out of focus and take a blurry picture.

The sensors of Autel consumer drones are inconsistent, resulting in different focusing distances and focusing methods.

Autel drones Cameras Lens
EVO Nano Focus range:1m ~ ∞
Focus mode: fixed focus
EVO Nano+ Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞
Focus mode::PDAF+CDAF/MF
EVO Lite Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞
Focus mode: PDAF+CDAF/MF
EVO Lite+ Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞
Focus mode: CDAF/MF

Focus mode: CDAF/MF
Focus range: 0.5 m to infinity

PDAF refers to Phase AF technology, while CDAF refers to Contrast AF technology.

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Should I learn to focus manually?

The autofocus of most drones is suitable for most scenes without adjustment, but if you learn to focus manually, it will bring you a new experience.

When the drone is shooting at night, due to insufficient light source, the image taken by the drone may become blurred. At this time, we need to focus manually. Manual Focus (MF) When shooting at night, adjust the focus peak value to achieve accurate focus of the image and improve the shooting quality in low-light environments.

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