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Basics of the Autel Sky App

Welcome to the basic operation tutorial of Autel Sky APP

I always recommend that every pilot familiarize themselves with the Autel Sky app before flying for the first time. If you haven't already, head over to the iOS Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the free Autel Explorer app. Autel Sky App is available for EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series.

Pre-flight Preparation Of The Drone

  1. Ensure that the business is open and free of obstacles
  2. Please fly in an open, accessible area
  3. Check the weather

Airplane Mode

The Autel EVO Nano series and Autel EVO Lite series can be set to three flight modes: sport, normal, stable. The EVO Nano series has a maximum speed of 13m/s near sea level under no wind, and the EVO Lite series approaches sea level under no wind. The maximum speed can reach 15m/s.

Please note: In sport flight mode, obstacle avoidance will be disabled for flight, use with caution!

Remote Control Operation

The left thumb joystick adjusts the ascending and descending, the right thumb joystick adjusts the direction, the thumbs of both hands are in the inward direction to control the drone to take off, and the left thumb slides the roller on the left side of the remote control to adjust the roller of the pitch angle of the drone's gimbal, click the right side The zoom button selects 2x or 4x zoom, up to 16x.

The zoom setting of the drone can also be zoomed in and out with two fingers on the mobile APP, and the Autel Sky APP will automatically recognize the zoom in and zoom out gestures.

Camera Settings

The camera drone has multiple photo modes, click the menu to switch between photos, in photo mode, you can click the settings icon to set the resolution and photo mode, in video mode, you can click to set frame rate, resolution rate, HDR and other modes.

When recording video, you can tap the red record on the Autel Sky App or the button on the remote.

Autel EVO Nano series drones have no on-body storage, photos and videos are stored in the cloud space. Click to download and the Autel Sky App will transmit at 160Mbps.

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