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[PDF] Autel EVO Lite Drone User Manual Download

Autel Robotics EVO Lite Drone Series


Autel EVO Lite Drone User Manual PDF Click To Download
Autel EVO Lite Drone Quick Guide PDF Click To Download

Autel Robotics EVO Lite series drones release date in September 28, 2021. The mid-to-high-end drones of the foldable EVO Lite series have powerful cameras, unique moonlight algorithm, good performance, maximum level seven wind resistance, and a flight time of 40 minutes. The farthest image transmission distance is 12km. EVO Lite series drones are divided into EVO Lite drones and EVO Lite Plus drones. EVO Lite drones can support one-click vertical shooting, EVO Lite Plus can adjust the aperture, and support 6kHDR high-definition video. For more details on the Autel Robotics EVO Nano, please download the Autel Robotics Dragonfish User Manual.


Manual Contents Overview

Chapter 1 Read Instructions

  • 1.1 Legend keys
  • 1.2 Product document
  • 1.3 Download Autel Sky App

Chapter 2 Aircraft

  • 2.1 Components description
  • 2.2 Flight indicator
  • 2.3 Aircraft battery
  • 2.5 Propeller
  • 2.6 Intelligent flight control system
  • 2.7 Binocular vision system

Chapter 3 Remote controller

  • 3.1 Components description
  • 3.2 Use remote controller
  • 3.3 Remote controller calibration
  • 3.4 Remote controller pairing
  • 3.5 Optimum communication range

Chapter 4 Autel Sky App

  • 4.1 Activation
  • 4.2 Interface introduction
  • 4.3 Camera function

Chapter 5 Flight

  • 5.1 Safe operation guide
  • 5.2 Flight preparation
  • 5.3 Flight operation
  • 5.4 Flight restrictions

Chapter 6 Maintenance and service

  • 6.1 Firmware update
  • 6.2 Storage and maintenance
  • 6.3 Warranty
  • 6.4 Customer service

Chapter 7 Technical Specification

*More details please visit and download EVO Lite Drone manual pdf

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