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Wearable Drone Detector Skyfend Trace

Wearable Drone Detector Skyfend Trace

Skyfend offers the STS100, a new vest-style wearable smart drone detector to help combat malicious drones. The portable wearability of the SkyFend Trace drone detector and drone pilot locator increases flexibility and can be used in more application scenarios.

Skyfend Tracer is a portable drone detector that effectively receives, analyzes and processes radio signals from multiple drone models. Tracer P can quickly determine the exact location of the drone and pilot by analyzing wireless signal protocol layer information without causing any interference to wireless communication equipment in the protected area.

Skyfend Tracer has a low SWAP design and weighs only 1kg. The snap-on design can be firmly fixed on a dedicated wearable vest. It is the lightest and most energy-saving wearable anti-drone detector. Skyfend Tracer can run continuously for up to 5 hours and battery replacement only takes 10 seconds.

skyfend Tracer Portable drone detector

The Skyfend Tracer drone detector has a detection antenna design with three integrated antennas, each designed to be 200x3mm. When detecting the position of the drone and pilot, pay attention to adjusting the position of the antenna and keeping it upward to increase the signal receiving capability of the drone detector.

Skyfend Tracer is a drone detector, and the detection principle is based on the broadcast signal of the drone. It can effectively detect RemoteID or Drone ID. Popular drones on the market such as DJI / Autel / Parrot / HUBSAN are all within its detection range. The detection response time is less than three seconds, and the detection distance can reach 2km.

Skyfend Tracer drone detector

In anti-drone solutions, we are not just about detecting drones, but more importantly, mitigating the threat of unauthorized drones and preventing remote detection and attacks. Another great feature of Skyfend Trace is synergy.

The Skyfend Trace drone detector can work together with the drone jammer Skyfend Hunter, the drone decoy Skyfend Spoofer, and the anti-drone software Skyfend C2 to detect, decoy and drive away illegal drones. , protect the safety of the site.

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Skyfend Trace P Portable UAV detector & Pilot Locator

Skyfend Trace Wearable Drone Detector

  • Locate Both Drone and Pilot
  • Wide Frequency Coverage
  • Analysis/Spectrum Detection
  • Alternative Additional Antenna for 5km Range
  • C2 System Integration
  • No RF Emission Protocol
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