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Vehicle-Mounted Anti-drone System

Vehicle-Mounted Anti-drone System

The vehicle-mounted anti-drone system was developed for special operations forces and police to ensure the safety of vehicles while driving and protect them from long-range detection or attack by drones.

The vehicle-mounted counter-UAS solution provides mobile headquarters with the ability to rapidly deploy C-UAS and ensure local situational awareness is shared with other forces, RF alerts are recorded and logged for post-mission reporting, and more.

SkyFend offers omnidirectional radio jamming devices designed for rapid installation on vehicles. The devices are powered by the vehicle, allowing the drone jamming device to operate for extended periods of time. This vehicle-mounted drone jamming device is capable of disrupting the flight controls and video transmissions of intruding drones, especially FPVs.

Vehicle-mounted drone interference equipment can interfere with drones at the following frequencies: 868MHz/915MHz/1.3GHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz. The interference power of each drone frequency band can reach 100w. The overall weight of the entire device is ≤20kg. Fully automated jamming requires no manual control and can be quickly installed on vehicles, providing the ability to quickly deploy C-UAS to mitigate the threat of malicious drones.

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