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Meet The Skyfend AFA100 Design Construction

Meet The Skyfend AFA100 Design Construction

Skyfend AFA100, as a leading new generation over-the-horizon drone jammer, has excellent design and functional usability. Here, we will fully understand this anti-drone equipment.

Specifications of Skyfend AFA100

The Skyfend AFA100 is a portable anti-drone gun with a large size and usually needs to be transported in the trunk of a car. The length, width and height of Skyfend AFA100 are 778*337*113mm, the weight is 6.5kg, and the color is star gray. A scope attachment can also be installed on the top of AFA100 for observation.

skyfenhunter afa100 drone jammer size

The Skyfend AFA100 anti-drone anti-drone gun has seven major sections, namely Typ-C Port, Touch Panel, Battery Chamber, Trigger, Power Button, FUNC Button, and Charging Port.

afa100 drone jammer design

The Typ-C Port is only used to connect a computer (client workstation) for software upgrade and log retrieval, it cannot be used for charging.

The control of the trigger is to turn the radio interference on and off.

For FUNC Button, you need to use it according to the screen prompts.

The touch panel has a screen size of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 1280*760. The information that can be displayed on the screen includes operating status, user prompt information, and detected drone information.

In addition, the Skyfend AFA100 anti-drone gun also supports wireless connection, in the form of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but it is only used to connect to the C2 system.

Skyfend AFA100 is a full-band jamming drone gun with adaptive band jamming. Therefore, you don't need to manually adjust the frequency band and then pull the trigger to strike. It will automatically detect the drone frequency band and adjust to the corresponding drone strike frequency band to lock the drone target. At this time, you can check the screen prompts to pull the trigger to strike.

Automatic Frequency Adaptation of skyfend 100

Skyfend AFA100 adaptive frequency band jamming not only optimizes the design of multiple frequency band buttons outside the drone jamming gun, speeds up the frequency matching of drone signals, but also improves the efficiency of combating drones.

Skyfend AFA100 also has a built-in buzzer, which can continuously detect drones for 8 hours in standby mode. Once a drone enters the detection area, it will quickly detect the frequency band of the drone within 4 seconds and issue a warning sound on the frequency.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this drone jammer, please feel free to contact us.

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