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LIMA2023 Showcases SkyFend C-UAS products

LIMA2023 Showcases SkyFend C-UAS products

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA2023) was held in Langkawi, Malaysia, from May 23 to 27, 2023. SkyFend and over 600 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, promoting the development of defense technology for the APAC region together. At the LIMA2023, industry-leading C-UAV products, including the SkyfendHunter, SkyfendDefender, SkyfendTracer and SkyfendGuider were all showcased at the SkyFend booth, with solutions covering anti-terrorism operations, event patrols, energy bases, government security, and so on.

LIMA2023 Showcases SkyFend C-UAS products

Organized by the Malaysian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Transport, the LIMA Exhibition is one of the largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions in APAC. This exhibition attracted exhibitors from over 30 countries and regions, as well as visitors from more than 50 countries and regions. At LIMA2023, industry experts and peers gathered together and exchanged views of industry new technologies and trends, supporting the development of maritime and aerospace technology together.

SkyFend C-UAS products make its APAC debut at LIMA2023

SkyFend displayed the key product SkyfendHunter, an anti-drone jammer, it is featured with “Detection and Jamming in One”, and attracted wide attention during the exhibition. When a drone is detected, SkyfendHunter will find the drone direction and automatically switch to the right jamming frequency to counter promptly. Its detection range reaches up to 2km, jamming range reaches up to 3km, SkyfendHunter is capable to counter the drones beyond visual range, eliminating hidden dangers. SkyfendHunter is equipped with a touchscreen so that users can easily access useful information.

SkyFend C-UAS products SkyfendHunter

This is the first time for SkyFend to explore the APAC market. At the SkyFend booth, industry professionals and media visitors praised the exceptional design and performance of SkyfendHunter, many of them tried out the products and discussed its technological innovation. At the same time, SkyFend also showcased portable and fully-automatic C-UAS systems. These two systems are designed for various application scenarios, meet both portable and automatic needs for countering invading drones.

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