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Skyfend AFA100 drone Jammer

How to Charge Skyfend AFA100 drone Jammer?

Skyfend AFA100 is a powerful integrated drone jammer for detection and attack, the detection time can reach 8 hours, and the jamming time can last for one hour. So, do you know how to properly charge your drone jammer Skyfend AFA100 when the battery runs out?

Skyfend AFA100 has a 3.5-inch interactive screen, and there are 5 corresponding battery icons on the screen, namely Finished charging, Not charged, Charging, Low battery, The battery is fully charged. Through the screen display, you can quickly see what status your drone jammer Skyfend AFA100 is in.

For icon display, please view the drone jammer Skyfend AFA100 user manual.

The included accessories of Skyfend AFA100 include two batteries, battery charging base, power adapter (including DC cable) and power AC cable. The Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer can charge the battery alone, or it can charge the jammer with the battery.

skyfend afa100 counter drone gun jammer

In other words, the battery charging base can charge two batteries at the same time, which is equivalent to a multi-charger for drone batteries. At the same time, you can also directly connect the cable to the power interface of afa100 for charging. At this time, the battery should be placed in the drone jammer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my drone jammer battery be charged?

It takes about 6-8 hours to charge the battery of the Skyfend AFA100 drone jammer. Don’t think it’s too long. After all, the weight of the drone jammer Skyfend AFA100 reaches 6.5kg, and the detection time can reach 8 hours. It also needs to support the visual screen power supply consume.

What types of batteries do drone jammers use?

Drone jammers typically use lithium batteries, which have high energy density and battery capacity. Lithium battery is an important accessory of the drone jammer, please pay attention to correctly place the battery of the drone jammer AFA100.

Is cable charging bad for the battery?

Don't worry, neither charging with a cable nor directly charging the battery will cause damage to the lithium-ion battery.

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