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jamming gun Skyfendhunter AFA100

A New Generation of Drone Jamming Gun Skyfendhunter AFA100 Comparison and Measurement

Skyfendhunter AFA100 is a new generation of drone jammer launched by Skyfend for the first time at CES2023. It has two-in-one functions of reconnaissance and combat drones, with a maximum detection distance of 2KM and a maximum strike distance of 3KM.

Leading Features of the Skyfendhunter AFA100

skyfend hunter performance comparison

Skyfendhunter AFA100 is the industry's first drone jammer with a 3.5-inch touch panel;

Skyfendhunter AFA100 has internal firmware and the firmware is upgradeable;

Skyfendhunter AFA100 can continuously detect drones for ≥8 hours in standby mode, and can continue to work for ≥1 hour in jamming mode;

The detection distance of Skyfendhunter AFA100 can reach 2km, and the interference distance can reach 3km;

The drone interference frequency band of Skyfendhunter AFA100 can cover continuously, including all drones in the 400MHz~6GHz frequency band;

Skyfendhunter AFA100 can provide monitoring, direction finding, automatic frequency adaptation to interference frequency band;

Skyfendhunter AFA100 also includes after sales service, log export for remote troubleshooting, expandable database, 1 year warranty.

Among drone jamming gun devices, most jamming devices do not have a built-in display and support user logs, and the jamming frequency bands are also discretely distributed, such as 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, etc., and manual frequency adjustment is required.

Among the many drone jammers, the appearance of Skyfendhunter AFA100 is powerful and advanced. It has brought advanced technologies such as over-the-horizon strike, inspection and strike integration, operation with display screen, and support for user log upload. For more information, please contact us!

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