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DJI AeroScope

Drone Detection System | DJI AeroScope, SkyfendTrace or SkyfendDefender?

The number of consumer drones is booming, and flight safety accidents and potential threats have become frequent and cannot be ignored. How to effectively supervise drones? DJI and Skyfend have proposed drone detection solutions, DJI AeroScope and SkyfendDefender.

DJI AeroScope is used to detect flying drones in wireless monitoring areas. By receiving the broadcast signal of the drone in the monitoring area, it obtains the accurate GPS coordinate information, flight altitude, speed, direction, aircraft model, SN code, take-off point address and other information of the drone in the air. And report it to the remote server through the network for real-time display and data processing.

AeroScope Workflow

SkyfendDefender is a radar device with high precision and low SWaP-C design. It can detect drones beyond visual range up to 1 km. Defender can achieve real-time wireless communication with Guider to achieve seamless data exchange.

skyfend defender low SWaP-C design

SkyfendTrace is a handheld detection device that can obtain information such as the drone's longitude and latitude coordinates, altitude, speed, yaw angle, model, SN number and pilot position by monitoring the drone's broadcast signal.

skyfend tracer portable UAV Detector vital informatio

DJI AeroScope and SkyfendTrace both use monitoring drone broadcast signals to obtain whether there are drones around. The difference is that DJI AeroScope can only be used to detect the "Drone ID" signal emitted by DJI drones, while SkyfendTrace can detect both "Drone ID" signals and "Remote ID" signals.

SkyfendTrace is even better at detecting the pilot's position. By analyzing the wireless signal protocol layer information, it can display the drone pilot's position by connecting to the C2 software.

SkyfendTrace and DJI AeroScope are both single signal receiving and detection devices that do not release radio interference signals and can provide comprehensive and accurate drone detection for airports, government sites, prisons, power plants, military restricted areas, safe locations, etc., indirectly to improve defense capabilities against drones.

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