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Night Vision Drone: A Guide To Eyes In The Dark

Night Vision Drone: A Guide To Eyes In The Dark

Want To Try Drone Nnight Flying? You Need A Night Vision Drone!

EVO LITE Shot on the night

Whether you are a drone hobbyist or a professional pilot, drones equipped with night vision will fly freely in the dark. The night vision of the drone will fully ensure that clear pictures and images can be taken even in the case of insufficient light.

Night vision devices are required for drones to perform night operations, such as low-light cameras, infrared cameras, and thermal cameras.

Do Any Drones Have Night Vision?

Most mid to high-end consumer camera drones have good night vision in low-light conditions at night. It depends on the camera performance of the drone. The Autel Nano+ is a small 4k drone at 249g, shot in HDR mode and designed with a RYYB color filter array, making it equally wonderful for night shots. EVO Lite+ also adds a moonlight algorithm, 6k night photos are clear and soft, and high-quality photos and videos at night are also friendly to drone beginners.

Professional night vision drones usually have infrared cameras and thermal cameras in the camera, or dual cameras, and drones with night vision or infrared cameras can provide a true night vision experience.

Infrared (IR) cameras capture infrared light invisible to the human eye and render it in grayscale so that it is clearly visible in the dark.

Thermal imaging cameras do not require any light source, visible or infrared, and rely on the thermal emissivity (or thermal energy) of various materials and objects to form images.

Commercial drones usually carry dual thermal and visible cameras to help you see everything in the dark, the Autel EVO II Dual 640t is a drone with an interchangeable payload system, 8k camera and a resolution of 640 x 512@ 30 Hz thermal camera.

How Far Can A Drone See At Night?

autel drone Shot on the night

Want long-distance night vision to circumvent privacy? Ordinary consumer drones may be able to capture night-time detail in limited conditions. Nighttime drones need good lighting conditions, otherwise at best they will only capture outlines of objects without details.

The night vision of long-range infrared drones also relies on the intensity of the infrared lights used by the cameras. The wavelength of infrared light is 760nm-1mm, and the wavelength frequency is 430 THz to 300 GHz, so the object needs to be very close to the drone camera to pick up the emitted infrared light.

Drones with thermal cameras have much better visibility in the dark, being able to see objects hundreds of feet away. The thermal emissivity variation of the object itself will determine the detail capture of the infrared thermal image. The night vision thermal camera drone is not affected by any light source changes.

Can Drone With Night Vision Camera Be Added?

Want to expand the night vision range of your drone? This can be done by fitting the drone with a spotlight and a camera attached to the drone's frame or gimbal. When the drone supports connecting to other devices, it can be equipped with a small infrared camera for shooting in low-light environments, but this will shorten the flight time and longevity of the drone.

Drone with thermal imager? It may not be possible. Thermal imagers are precise and complex, and many of them are fixed drones and pan-tilts that are not interchangeable. The Autel EVO II series is one of the few drones that supports camera gimbal interchange. If you have an autel evo ii pro 6k, after replacing the 8k camera gimbal, you get an infrared thermal imaging drone.

What You Need To Know About Night Vision Drones

Learn the rules for flying a drone after dark.
#1. For entertainment purposes.
Turn on the lights of your drone and know the direction and orientation of the drone at any time.
#2. Commercialization purposes.
Obtain an exemption from the FAA to perform night operations, master night operations, and obtain a permit.

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