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Thermal Camera Hunting: EVO II 640t with 640*512 Thermal Camera Drone

Thermal Camera Hunting: EVO II 640t with 640*512 Thermal Camera Drone

Advanced commercial drones employ thermal imaging sensors that can be used at night when temperatures are low enough for the drone sensors to detect infrared radiation. Thermal imaging drones can be used in public safety, patrol inspection, agriculture, search and rescue, and fire accidents. Here we talk about the hunting application of EVO II 640t thermal camera drone.

What is the thermal imaging camera drone for hunting?

The drone's aerial cameras spy on everything, but not just that. What’s more, thermal imaging drones can identify the range of heat fluctuations and detect them at night or in places that are difficult to inspect with visible light cameras.

Thermal imaging devices create images by converting infrared radiation into visible light. Thermal images from drones can show different temperature ranges. You can see day and night as well as harsh conditions such as severe weather, fire or lush vegetation. Thermal imaging techniques usually come in the form of infrared cameras, monoculars or oscilloscopes.

autel evo ii dual 640t

The best thermal imaging drone for hunting--EVO II Dual 640t

The EVO II Dual 640t is an advanced thermal imaging drone manufactured in the USA by Autel Drones. The EVO II Dual 640t has a dual camera that supports 8k visible light camera and 640*512 resolution thermal sensor camera.

autel evo ii dual 640t v2 specs

8k lens supports 4x lossless zoom, 48MP photos, dual cameras use picture-in-picture mode to view thermal images. Thermal camera drones can track the whereabouts of poultry or wild animals, coyotes, wild boars, deer for further protection or thermal camera hunting.

autel evo ii dual 640t 4x lossless zoom

The EVO II Dual 640t is a compact thermal imager with high quality optics to provide clear images in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, wood, camouflage and more. Thermal imager hunting can work for up to 38 minutes, and the fastest flight speed can reach 45mph. Even when wild animals are running, the thermal imager drone can easily keep up.

autel evo 640t

The 10-bit color mode enables pilots to cope with a variety of complex shooting environments and mission scenarios. Thermal cameras rely on contrast to create images, and for thermal camera hunting, the camouflage or hiding of wildlife at night will become clearly visible.

autel evo ii 640t 10 color palettes

Autel Robotics provides free thermal image analysis processing tools for the EVO II Dual 640T. Autel IR PC tool, which supports unlimited image uploads, thermal image compilation, export reports, will enable you and your organization to get accurate field analysis for better decision making.View More:EVO II Dual 640T Thermal Analysis Tool Overview

How do I choose thermal imaging equipment?

Thermal imaging equipment tends to be expensive, depending on the optics and range of thermal imaging technology. Common thermal imaging hunting tools are thermal imaging monoculars, which tend to be pocket-sized tools that are small and portable to provide thermal images at night.

Thermal imaging drones are often combined with dual cameras to become sharper at night. The thermal imaging camera of the EVO II 640T drone uses a high resolution of 640*512 to capture thermal images at a refresh rate of 30Hz per second. More sophisticated thermal imaging hunting equipment.

Buying a Monocular Thermal Imaging Telescope or a Thermal Imaging Drone?

Thermal monoculars are mainly divided into hand-held thermal monoculars and helmet-mounted thermal monoculars. For hunters, both thermal imaging devices are portable and can be very good at finding hunting targets at night.

Thermal imaging drones are more dynamic and stealthy, and long-range reconnaissance will not cause panic among wild animals. Thermal imaging drones can often detect target groups in a wide range and output video streams in real time. Manipulating thermal imaging drones to hunt will be more conducive to the success of hunting.

How much does thermal imaging cost?

Thermal imaging technology is still exclusive and not mass-produced, so thermal imaging equipment is expensive. With a resolution of 160*120 for a FLIR pocket thermal imager, it costs about $600 on Amazon. High-end thermal imaging sights , the price of Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 with 8-bit palette is as high as $5,300, and the price of buying an EVO II 640T thermal imaging drone is $6,900. Undoubtedly, thermal imaging drones are a more valuable investment.

Final Thoughts

Thermal camera hunting can be used for wildlife management, controlling the number of wildlife, balancing the range of wildlife habitat and human activity areas, reducing crop damage, and meeting the needs of some hunters. If you're interested in thermal camera hunting, check out our EVO II Dual 640t drone.

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