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EVO II Dual 640T: Thermal Analysis Tool Overview

EVO II Dual 640T IRPC Thermal Analysis Tool Overview

See incredible detail in dark environments from up to 450+ feet with the EVO II Dual 640T FLIR Boson 640 thermal sensor. Combine your thermal capabilities with the Dual's 8K/48MP visual camera and see the power of aerial intelligence. 12 visual sensors provide omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and with no geofencing you'll never have to worry about be grounded when operations are mission critical.

Multiple Temperature Measurement Modes, Professional Analysis Tool

Central Temperature Measurement | Spot Temperature Measurement | Regional Temperature Measurement

Central temperature measurement: View real-time display of the temperature in the center area of the screen.

Spot temperature measurement: Tap the screen, and the temperature of the selected object will be displayed in real time.

Regional temperature measurement: Get a dynamic view of the average temperature, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature displayed in a selected area.

Powerful Infrared Thermal Analysis Tool

Temperature Alarm | Isotherm | Image Enhancement

Autel IR PC Tool: This free temperature measurement analysis tool is developed for the 640T, and enables users to quickly import images, edit and analyze temperature measurements, and to generate detailed reports for sharing and collaboration.

Temperature alarm: Monitors the screen temperature in real time. The system prompts the user when the temperature reaches a set threshold.

Isotherm: Set a temperature range and the system will detect any objects within the temperature range specified.

Image enhancement: Supports real-time adjustment of image brightness, contrast, and image details. The system will highlight any objects within the temperature target.

Autel IRPC Tools FAQs:

Which drone is Autel IRPC suitable for?

Autel IRPC is only available for 640T, not for 640R, 640R uses Flir Boson 640 radiometric, which can only be used in FLIR Tools/Studio.

What should I do if Autel IRPC cannot be opened normally?

Check if your drone's firmware and apps have been updated to the latest version.

Is Autel IRPC free forever?

Autel IRPC is currently available free of charge for the Autel 640T.

Autel IRPC tells me Illegal thermal image, what should I do?

Check your import file format, .irg or .tiff, try updating the firmware.


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