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Autel EVO Lite+ camera drones

The Professional Camera Drone in 2022: Autel EVO Lite+

The "eye in the sky" of the drone has amazed countless people, and photography enthusiasts have begun to set off for camera drones. Buying a professional camera drone will bring shocking footage and aerial perspective. The drone images are on social media. It also caused a lot of attention and discussion.

How To Choose A Professional Drone With Camera?

You need to know the performance of the drone camera. Common consumer drone cameras basically support 1080p, and for drone photography, the onboard camera is at least 4k. The higher the video resolution of the professional camera drone, the sharper the captured image.

Brand of drone camera. Camera drones for professional photography work with well-known camera brands. For example, DJI drones cooperate with Sony, and Autel Robotics cooperates with Leica. Nikon cameras, Canon cameras are also the best among professional cameras.

The performance of the drone is equally important. High-performance photography drones often have multiple shooting modes, and professional drones can perform different flight modes, and the quality of the captured images will be more exciting.

Recommended Camera Drone For Professional Photography In 2022: Autel Evo Lite+

professional camera drone evo lite+

Autel EVO Lite+ is a camera drone designed for professional photography. Equipped with a high-speed 6K camera and wide-angle lens, you can capture clear aerial and HD video of any event. The compact and lightweight design allows you to easily maneuver the drone in any space within your reach, giving you more freedom to be creative.

The EVO Lite+ is the most definitive camera drone of its kind. The compact camera packs a one-inch sensor camera that shoots 20MP stills and up to 6k video, and the drone camera specs are impressive. Some say the EVO Lite+ fills the gap between the DJI Air 2S and the Mavic 3.

DJI vs Autel? As a leader in the drone market, DJI has a market share of more than 75% in drones, and I'm glad that Autel drones can compete with DJI drones. Autel Robotics continues to develop the drone business. Consumer drones and corporate drones shine in their respective fields, earning respect.

Autel EVO Lite+ is a lightweight folding drone with a stylish and simple appearance, which won the Berlin Red Dot Design Award in one fell swoop. It has three-axis gimbal stabilization and three-way obstacle avoidance sensing. Autel EVO Lite+ is connected to the Autel Sky APP, you need to download the application on your mobile phone, then connect it with the remote control with a cable, and prepare to fly your Autel EVO Lite+ drone.

Autel EVO Lite+: The Flight Experience

autel evo lite plus photography drones

  • Top speed: 40.26mph in ridiculous mode
  • Maximum flight time: 40 minutes
  • AutelSky app with 2.7K SkyLink video transmission

Evo Lite+ weighs 835g, has a seven-level wind resistance, and can fly stably in windy conditions. The Evo Lite+ is 240 grams heavier than the DJI Air 2S, but the camera drone is rated for wind speeds of up to 38 miles per hour, nearly double what the Air 2S claims.

Professional photography drones have certain requirements for video transmission. Not only is the Evo Lite+ easy to control, it will also display up to a 2.7K video stream when within a kilometer of itself, which is amazing. When the distance exceeds one kilometer, the transmission quality will become 1080p/30fps, Autel SkyLink is very flexible and guarantees a stable signal.

Evo Lite+ is equipped with a three-way six-eye obstacle avoidance sensor, which can maintain inductive control even in the woods with multiple obstacles, reducing the risk of collision. The drone can fly for about 40 minutes, which will give us more time to contemplate the photography.

The topic tracking feature of Autel EVO Lite+ is live. With the continuous support of firmware updates, the EVO Lite+ has been able to intelligently track subjects - human subjects, and Autel claims that he will be able to identify 64 subjects, track and lock the subject, let us look forward to the next firmware update.

Autel EVO Lite+: Photo and Video Quality

  • 29mm equivalent lens with 1" CMOS sensor
  • Adjustable aperture: f/2.8 to f/11
  • Still images up to 20MP
  • Video up to 6k/30fps

autel evo lite+ camera drone

Autel Evo Lite+ is a high specification camera drone, professional photography drone equipped, you can get clear, vibrant and pleasing images. One of the powerful camera features of the Autel Evo Lite+ is the adjustable aperture, which is very useful for maintaining the desired shutter speed.

For drone photographers, you can shoot RAW, DNG, and JPG files, and RAW files are stored in 10-bit for easy adjustment by drone photographers in post. Drone beginners want to get some free RAW file editing programs? Check out our related articles:The Best Drone RAW Photo Free Editing Program Recommend in 2022

Autel EVO Lite+ is a professional photography drone, we can perceive the clarity, sharpening, color, hue, saturation, etc. of the image in shooting still images and dynamic videos. Combined with the adjustable aperture, manually adjusting the light entering the drone camera creates the best quality photos.

The Autel EVO Lite+ also has some cinematic lenses, Rocket, Orbit, Flick, Fadeaway, which are equally friendly for drone beginners. After shooting, you can also make video editing in the Autel Sky APP, which has a large number of template materials to use.


Autel EVO Lite+ is one of the best drones professionally used for photography, 6k HD camera leading camera drone for professional drone photographers and drone beginners, get your ideal drone .

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