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SkyFend's C2 Software System

SkyFend's C2 Software System Introducing

SkyFend's C2 (Command and Control) system is an intelligent and efficient software for managing drone jamming equipment and radar systems. The software adopts the latest cloud technology, and can remotely control many different types of hardware, so as to realize comprehensive drone monitoring and strike.

The C2 software system has an excellent interactive user interface design, which can be quickly deployed and configured through a visual interface, allowing users to easily manage multiple devices in different locations.

SkyFend C2 software has AI machine learning function, which can conduct multi-dimensional intelligent analysis of drone threat level. Automatically generate specific countermeasures to help users better understand drone threats and guide countermeasure equipment to carry out precise strikes.

Skyfend C2 software

At the same time, the software system provides monitoring and early warning, real-time locking of UAV drone 360° all-round identification and positioning, real-time data analysis and information sharing functions can help users better understand UAV drone threats and respond quickly.

The system is highly scalable and can be seamlessly integrated with other SkyFend products, such as SkyFend PAR100, SkyFend AFA100, enabling users to freely choose hardware combinations and functions according to their needs. In addition, the C2 software system also has full-band coherent interference and GNSS interference, which can effectively solve the threat of drones.

SkyFend's C2 system can be widely used in military, homeland security, traffic control, large-scale event security and other fields, providing users with a complete solution for drone identification, tracking and strike.

In conclusion, SkyFend's C2 system is a powerful and flexible drone management software that can help users achieve comprehensive and efficient drone monitoring and strikes. Its innovative technology and features make it one of the most advanced and reliable C2 systems on the market today.

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